Bay Shore Pharmacy

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93A 4th St
Suttons Bay, MI 49682

(231) 271-6111


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• Gifts and cards
• Diabetes supplies
• Consultations
• Immunizations
• Computerized drug interaction
• Medical and surgical supplies
• Medication Therapy Management
• Over-the-counter medications
• Prescriptions
You’ll love it too. Everything you need and want from a pharmacy
is right here in Suttons Bay. Our friendly experts will answer your
questions and help you .nd the products you need.
A Munson Healthcare Retail Pharmacy
Bring in a new or re.llable prescription from any other pharmacy and
our professional staff will take care of the rest. Most major insurance
plans accepted, including Medicare.
We’re Here for You!
Mon. - Fri., 9 am - 6 pm | Sat., 9 am - 1 pm | Closed Sundays
93 W. Fourth St., Ste. A | Suttons Bay, MI 49682 | 231-271-6111
Conveniently located next to Hansen’s
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