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Firewood For Sale Dry Hardwood, Split, Delivered $75 per Cord, Call 231-313-4965 - Ad Link

Cranbrook Floor Loom For Sale Solid Maple, 60" 8-Harness 10-Treadle, Double Back Beam, Build by Bert Bexell. Has a Sectional Warm Beam And 2nd Warp Beam Block. Includes Bench & Sectional Warping Box, Beam & Rack. Includes four 60" Reeds at 12, 10, 8 & 6 dent. A much-loved loom! All parts accounted for, in beautiful condition. A solid, professional-grade loom. If purchased new today $9,600. $3,000 for Mine! Watch a 3 minute video of loom assembly online: Call Emily at 231 392-1354 - Ad Link