Engagement Questionnaire

Engagement Questionnaire

In publishing your engagement story, we follow the policy that an engagement announcement should be made public not more than a year in advance nor less than four weeks prior to the wedding.

If a picture is to accompany the story, ask the photographer to use a plain background. We reserve the right to crop or reject pictures on the basis of quality.

Before answering the questions, please read them with the following requests in mind:

1) Use given name or two initials.

2) Title of MISS or MRS. may be provided for women.

3) With every name mentioned, give the person’s full address.

4) Black and white or color photos are acceptable. Photos should be sent as a jpeg or tiff.

1. Bride-Elect

2. Bridegroom-Elect

3. Wedding Information

4. High schools, colleges (graduates?), sorority or fraternity; profession or business and location

5. How did the couple meet?

6. Photo