2012-03-01 / Letters

Birth control doesn’t prevent abortion

To the Editor:

Mr. Fleming: How do you know that birth control prevents abortion and the multitude of women’s health issues when in fact (Pope) Paul VI predicted in 1968 the negative outcomes of contraceptives which in the past 40 years have come to fulfillment.

You can research the facts by reading ‘Humanae Vitae.’ You did not back up any of your statement.

Are we just supposed to believe what you wrote with no real information? I suggest you Google ‘Contraception: Why not’ by Dr. Janet Smith. She has the details and facts from surveys taken. By using birth control you take away the dignity of the marital act which is to pro-create. You put something that goes against the way God designed our bodies — obviously by putting something unnatural into our natural beings.

Birth control serves as an easy way to do what you want when you want. When you take away the primary purpose of sacred intercourse you are left with passion that needs satisfaction now without thinking of other but yourself alone.

If you use birth control as a solution — what is your problem? Oh yeah, uncontrolled population growth. Let’s have all the conceived children live and get rid of the educated people who think children are the problem!

Killing babies in the womb is the result of the ‘intelligence of educated people’? I’d rather be a dumb ox if education and intelligence are based upon your stand for birth control!

Emily Nicole Couturier

French Road, Lake Leelanau

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