2012-03-01 / Letters

Two LCE investors from Elmwood and proud of it

To the Editor:

Although not required, Lori and I are disclosing our identities as proud investors in the Leelanau Community Energy (LCE) Wind Turbine. I encourage all to do likewise. Openness is the best disinfectant.

I got involved with these dedicated community members when I began doing Energy Audits and heard about their efforts (full disclosure, I did two paid audits in the area in two years). I thought the turbine would benefit the area, was a worthy cause and they were looking for investors.

My limited involvement includes attending some open monthly meetings, a couple educational energy efficiency demonstrations at Winter Carnival and the Library and donating an audit.

As an outsider (Elmwood) I don’t understand Northport politics and why LCE is attacked. Northport has no risk in this project and receives a profitable asset in the end. This selfless group puts in countless hours helping their community save money thru energy efficiency, become more energy independent and become a better place to live and work. Any idea that these members are in it for personal gain, to me is absurd.

Money is tied up for 12-plus years with a maximum 4 percent return. These are intelligent individuals; capable of making more profitable use of time and money, yet they continue to see this project through. Personally, I could pay down a mortgage and be just as far ahead. If you feel you’re missing out on great returns, I’ll let you take my place.

Mark Leugers
Cherry Bend Rd.
Elmwood Township

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