2012-04-19 / Local News

Bingham making cuts to proposed 2012-13 budget

By Eric Carlson
Of The Enterprise staff

The Bingham Township Board this week began preparing for the township’s annual meeting by reviewing a budget for the coming fiscal year and adopting salary resolutions.

Unlike every other township in Leelanau County, Bingham Township’s fiscal year coincides with those of most school districts, ending each June 30.

Bingham Township will hold its annual meeting and budget hearing this year on Saturday, June 9, at 10 a.m. at the township hall located in the historic Bingham Schoolhouse on County Road 633 (Center Highway) at County Road 618 (Bingham Road).

At its regular monthly meeting Monday evening, the board reviewed a draft budget for fiscal 2012-2013 which anticipated $351,080 in revenues and $373,135 in expenditures. The board this week took action on a number of line items that will narrow the $22,000 deficit. More cuts will likely be made before the budget is adopted, according to township supervisor Ross Ard.

As the draft budget stands, however, the township may need to draw down a portion of its general fund reserve of about $140,000, according to township treasurer Sandra Grant. Exact amounts were not yet known, however.

No pay raises have been proposed for any elected or appointed Bingham Township officials. The board adopted salary resolutions Monday night that will keep the supervisor’s annual salary at $15,000; the treasurer’s at $23,050; the clerk’s at $22,341; and the two trustees’ at $1,558 each per year.

Bingham Township voters who attend the township’s Annual Meeting on June 9 may vote on whether to adopt the salary resolutions as proposed, or set new pay levels for their elected officials. Because 2012 is an election year, salaries for elected offi- cials may be reduced if those attending the Annual Meeting decide to do so.

Members of the public at the June 9 meeting will also have an opportunity to hear a presentation about the township’s proposed budget for the new fiscal year, and offer comments. Following the final budget hearing, the township board will vote to adopt a new budget at its regular monthly meeting on June 18.

In other business at this week’s meeting, the Bingham Township Board also:

 Authorized trustee Mary Bush to employ local land surveyor Nick O’Non to complete surveys and mark the boundaries of Bingham Park at a cost of $700 to $800, and Boughey Park at a cost of $650 to $750 dollars.

 Authorized the township’s Parks and Recreation Committee to expend some $68.33 on supplies to be used at a “work bee” at township parks slated for May 5. Township officials are seeking local volunteers with their own supplies and tools to help with the clean-up and fix-up effort next month.

 Discussed purchasing a new vacuum cleaner to replace an old one used routinely at the township hall that is beyond repair. Instead of purchasing a new one, the board agreed to accept the donation of a used vacuum cleaner from township recording secretary Marge Johnson.

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