2012-04-19 / Local News

Elmwood OKs marina electric upgrades

By Eric Carlson
Of The Enterprise staff

The Elmwood Township Board held a special meeting Monday night in part to take action on an issue they were prevented from taking during their regular monthly meeting last week.

The board this week voted 4-0 to approve a $22,000 contract with Windemuller Electric to complete work on electrical system upgrades for the Elmwood Township Marina.

At last week’s meeting, a quorum of the board present was unable to vote on the measure. Two of the board’s trustees had a conflict of interest because of their ties to others in the electrical contracting business, and three board members were absent.

At Monday’s meeting, trustees Don Gallagher and Terry Lautner agreed to not vote on the issue because of their conflicts of interest. Trustee Mary Barrows was absent.

Supervisor Jack Kelly explained that about $3,000 of the contract will be used to replace electric receptacles at the marina, another $2,000 will be spent on an inspection of the electrical system’s integrity. Another $16,500 will be spent to install a detection system which will allow marina workers to pinpoint any problems in the system.

Kelly said the need to upgrade the electrical system and conduct thorough inspections at the marina was made especially clear last year when a young man swimming at the Clinch Park Marina in Traverse City was fatally electrocuted.

The special Township Board meeting was also called to take action on a budget for an update to the township’s Parks and Recreation plan. A meeting of the Parks and Recreation Committee slated for last week was canceled.

Previously some $3,300 had been set aside to pay for a contractor’s work on the five-year Parks and Recreation plan. Since last year, however, several new planning efforts have been put in place involving the township marina, Greilickville Harbor Park and other nearby areas that will necessitate additional changes to the proposed Parks and Recreation plan update, Kelly explained.

The board voted 6-0 at this week’s special meeting to approve the expenditure of an additional $1,000 to pay for work on the Parks and Recreation Plan, Kelly reported.

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