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GT Overall Supply site for sale

Leelanau County is only offering to sell the parcels together. Bid applications are available on the county’s web site.
By Alan Campbell
Of The Enterprise staff

It may not be a guided tour of interest to visitors, but Leelanau County has issued an invitation for anyone who wants to view one of the most expensive and studied places in northwest Michigan.

And it’s for sale.

On Friday, county treasurer Chelly Roush and other county offi cials will be walking prospective buyers through the former site of Grand Traverse Overall Supply Company. The property, located off Cherry Bend Road in Greilickville, is home to one of the worst toxic dump sites in the area.

County offi- cials, however, want to restore the property to the tax rolls. Two parcels have been bundled for sale at a minimum bid of $42,000.

“It’s a part of the process,” Roush said. “We want to get it back on the tax rolls. I think it was the 2006 taxes that actually caused the foreclosure.”

Leelanau County opted to take over the properties in 2008 after taxes were unpaid rather than allow them to divert to the state, and has been attempting to get them into private hands. No bids were received at two previously held auctions for foreclosed property.

The county is hoping the properties will sell through a bid process that closes at 4 p.m. Friday, April 27.

One party has already shown an interest, the Grand Traverse Recreation & Arts Center. GTRAC explained in a letter written Sept. 21, 2011, to Roush that it has an “interest in purchasing the above properties that adjoin the Norris School Building. The school building has been vacant for some time and is rather difficult to modify for other uses, so GTRAC is being established to purchase the building and create a community center serving Leelanau and Grand Traverse.” The countyowned parcels were eyed for parking, maintenance and operations.

However, GTRAC has not consummated a deal to purchase the Norris School property. It is working through the Leelanau County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.

One of the tracts, in fact, already resembles a parking lot. The parcel, which is located over a plume of contaminated groundwater, has been paved with asphalt. Found just west of Norris School, it has 15 feet of frontage on E. Cherry Bend Road, but extends up to 658 feet deep to Cedar Creek. Its address is 10753 Cherry Bend Rd.

An EPA website states that the second parcel at 10749 E. Cherry Bend Rd., which includes a small, two-story house, is not contaminated. It’s much smaller, but comes with 70 feet of road frontage. The lot’s depth ranges from 130 feet adjoining the contaminated parcel to 150 feet on its west side.

The county is only offering to sell the parcels together. Bid applications are available on the county’s web site.

Dumptrucks filled with contaminated soils have been removed from the site by the EPA, which plans to install a water treatment system this fall to remove toxins from the underground water supply.

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