2012-05-24 / Letters

Board’s attempt to squelch free speech is wrong

To the Editor:

Thank you to the women of Leelanau Independent Women for democratic Action (LIWda) for bravely proposing a resolution in support of the Move To Amend and a Constitutional Amendment.

I was happy to sit in support of their endeavors at the Tuesday, May 8 Board of Commissioner’s meeting.

Contrary to Alan Campbell’s story in the May 10 Leelanau Enterprise, the four or more deputies were not needed to control hecklers or disruptions at the meeting. Taxpayer’s money was wasted by bringing in the police.

Schmuckal and commissioner Lautner are out of touch with their job of representing the people of Leelanau County. The first item on the agenda that day was to listen to LIWdA’s proposal for a resolution in support of the 28th Constitutional Amendment.

Rather than do the duty of listening to their constituents, both Schmuckal and Lautner suggested that they not even be allowed to speak! What a sad and ironic twist.

This issue is about the importance of the voice of individual citizens in our nation, and here were two representatives who wanted to deny these women the ability to speak at a public and local governmental gathering.

It seems that when we demonstratively booed at the potential omission of the speakers, police protection was brought in. Come on! Some sounds of dissension by voters and constituents are too threatening?

We need representatives who aren’t afraid of hearing the voice of their community.

Douglas LaForest

Nelson St., Cedar

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