2012-08-09 / Letters

This Emperor has no clothes

To the Editor:

The Supreme Court has spoken. ObamaCare’s a “Tax!”

President Obama’s first informative move to the electorate was deceptive (it’s a mandate not a tax). His second, “You’ll know what’s in the bill when we pass it” with reconciliation (51 Democrat votes/ Democrat bribes). And third, Obama’s still denying it’s a tax ... even after the Justices corroborated it’s a tax after Obama’s lawyer said it’s a tax! Mr. President, everyone can see ... it’s a tax!

A tax (contents revealed after it was passed), confirmed a tax (actually 31 taxes thus far) by Supreme Court Justices but don’t trust your lying eyes folks ... Obama says it’s a “mandate!”

Silver-tongued President Obama speaks with a forked-tongue. ObamaCare was sold using deception, shown to be deceitful after it was passed so we could finally read it ... any problems with that, all a very intentional ploy by Obama/ Democrats. ObamaCare’s 2,000 plus pages of escalating regulations can’t hide anymore.

Pied Piper Obama, sing us another little song, flash that big smile then explain why all the crony wavers and favors, why you won’t live by it and why it took trickery to get ObamaCare passed? Because we wouldn’t recognize a good thing when we see it or because we’d see it for what it is, an Orwellian tax enforced by bureaucratic overlords and the internal revenue service with ever increasing government regulations, never-ending taxes, disappearing personal freedoms and it ain’t never ever gonna be free ... except for illegals! That’s the naked truth.

Obama/ Democrats willfully forced this unsolicited unwanted ObamaCare onto Americans knowing it raises premiums, taxes the young, creates doctor shortages, diminishes quality of life and shortens life spans because of limiting healthcare.

When freed from re-election blowback ... expect more forked-tongued disrespect and “the Constitution be damned” authoritarianism!

Mary L Bowen

P.O. Box 116


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