2012-09-20 / Leelanau Log

leelanau log

Sept. 6

Roger Garrett to Beach Walk 22 LLC, Unit 15, Beach Walk Condominiums, Glen Arbor Township.

Benedetto and Adrienne L. Maresca to Ronald W. and Joan M. Sternhagen, Section 24, Leland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

North Coast Development LLC to Jonathan B. Ricks Jr. and Tiffany M. Ricks, Section 23, Kasson Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Michael E. and Karen M. Coquillard to Gary D. and Phyllis A. Rolston, Section 13, Elmwood Township, ($185,000).

Hope I. Skinner to James E. and Janice L. Dykstra, Lot 9, Deerwood Acres, Glen Arbor Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Emilie H. Anderson Trust to Michael E. and Karen M. Coquillard, Unit 15, Woodwinds, ($235,000).

Darlene M. Paulina Revocable Trust to Peter M. and Linda M. Currie, Section 28, Elmwood Township, ($645,000).

William A. Dalzell Kent County Probate File to KTW Trust, Section 34, Northport Village, (valuation affi davit filed).

William A. and Pamela H. Hanson to Douglas L. and Sherri Sayles, Lot 33, Lime Lake Shores, Cleveland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Joseph B. and Lynn S. Naoum to David E. and Jennifer N. Harker, Unit 4, Pinnacle Place, Glen Arbor Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

George Ranger to Russell D. and Jane A. Packard, Section 34, Northport Village, (valuation affidavit filed).

James G. and Darlyn J. Daratony to Buddy’s Beach Shack LLC, Lots 17 and 18, O-Migisi Beach, (valuation affidavit filed).

Sept. 7

Stuart R. Rankin to Stuart R. Rankin Revocable Living Trust, Section 11, Cleveland Township.

The Nadine Alt-Leonard Qualified Personal Residence Trust to the Candy A. Crowley Revocable Trust, Section 14, Glen Arbor Township.

The Denver F. Kiersey Trust to Larry Busby and Maraline Szasz, Section 15, Suttons Bay Township, ($305,000).

The Stege Joint Declaration of Trust to William C. and Cherrie L. Stege, Section 30, Glen Arbor Township.

William C. and Cherrie L. Stege to the Stege Joint Declaration of Trust, Section 30, Glen Arbor Township.

The Ruth D. Garrelson Trust to William H. Anderson, Lots 4 and 5, Cherry Home Subdivision, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed.)

Roger P. Schaub and William L. and Jennifer Schaub to M.R.S. Ventures LLC., Section 26, Leland Township.

The Leelanau County Treasurer to Satori Corp., Section 34, Northport Village, ($10,000).

The Leelanau County Treasurer to Satori Corp., Section 34, Northport Village, ($25,000).

The Leelanau County Treasurer to Satori Corp., Lots 1 and 3, Fifth Street, Northport Village, ($33,000).

The Leelanau County Treasurer to Satori Corp., Lot 185, Leslie’s Addition, Northport Village, ($25,500).

Sept. 10

Shari B. Langnas to Alan N. Langnas, Unit 4, Sun Dance, Glen Arbor Township.

Patrick L. and Jacqueline K. Connell to Tracy L. Derderian, Section 1, Bingham Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Brian P. and Christina M. Templin to David H. and Melanie J. Beelen, Section 4, Cleveland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Peter J. Eberbach to Wolfgang Von Mueller III and Nancy Heffernan, Unit 58, Maple Wood Commons, Kasson Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Suttons Pointe Development LLC to Ardent Service Corp., Unit 43,47,49 and 50, Bay View Condominiums, Suttons Bay Village, ($734,263.71).

Barbara K. Bunbury to Thomas M. and Catherine M. Reahard, Unit 3, Hywood Condominium, Leland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Sept. 11

The Robertson Family Revocable Trust Agreement to Timothy A. and Julie K. Shannon, Section 26, Centerville Township, ($260,000).

Northwestern Bank to BC Management LLC, Lot 4, Stony Point Estates, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affi davit filed).

Sept. 12

Frank and Karen Sanders to the Frank R. Sanders Jr. and Karen J. Sanders Revocable Living Trust, Section 26, Suttons Bay Township.

Joseph J. and Pharailda M. Formicola to Joseph J. and Leigh D. Formicola, Section 23, Cleveland Township.

Joseph J. and Pharailda M. Formicola to Jane E. and John W. McKimmy, Section 23, Cleveland Township.

Marriage license applications filed

Andrew W. Clements and Carolyn A. Brown

Joshua L. Webber and Anna M. Visser

Michael J. Mathien and Marin M. McCabe

Robert J. Neddo and Michele L. Vaugh

Kevin L. Gwinnup and Pamela A. Cairns

Marriages performed

James F. Rink and Karen J. Koenig — Sept. 7 in Garfield Township, Grand Traverse County.

Benjamin T. Lauer and Annemarie C. Alonso — Sept. 2 in Maple City.

Martin J. Rice and Rachel W. Walker — Aug. 31 in Traverse City.

Eric S. Lake and Candice M. Jostad — Sept. 2 in Traverse City.

Nathan C. Helms and Lindsay A. Dewitt — Sept. 8 in Glen Arbor Township.

New assumed names filed in county

The Apple Empire; 11877 McClary Road, Empire — By Richard J. Figura, 11877 McClary Road, P.O. Box 538, Empire.

I.R. Enterprises; 9825 Engles Road, Northport — By Stanley A. Silverman, 9825 Engles Road, Northport.

McGovern Pottery; 11000 S. Hill Road, Cedar — By Matt McGovern, 11000 S. Hill Road, Cedar.

Trinity Educational and Psychological Services, 6330 S. Westwood Parkway, Suttons Bay — By Gregory G. North, 6330 S. Westwood Parkway, Suttons Bay.

Deaths recorded in county

Edward L. Wilbrett, 101, of Clinton Township, died Sept. 1 in Elmwood Township.

Kathleen J. Utting, 65, of Bingham Township, died Sept. 9 in Bingham Township.

Gerald H. Brandt, 79, of Suttons Bay Township, died Sept. 10 in Suttons Bay Township.

Gary M. Ciaglaski, 59, of Bingham Township, died Aug. 31, in Bingham Township.

Janet M. Fluehr, 81, of Blair Township, Grand Traverse County, died Sept. 8 in Elmwood Township.

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