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Owen Bahle will be sadly missed

To the Editor:

We recently received the sad news of the passing of Mr. Owen Bahle and would like to add our tribute to him.

It would be around 1998 when we were staying with our friends, Joyce and Charles Day and their son, Chuck Day, at their home in Suttons Bay.

The four of us went to have breakfast on the picnic area of the quayside; as it was very busy we had to split up, so we two Brits found ourselves sitting at the same table as Owen and his wife, Leila.

Recognizing our English accents he was soon telling us of his recent trip to England. They had hired a house for a few weeks, and there was also a car in the garage for their use.

Owen said that they went for a trip in the car “But it was so scary on our roads that after a couple of miles I turned the darn thing around, put it back in the garage and never ventured out in it again!”

He then asked us if we would like to see a “Cherry Picker” at work. Although we couldn’t get very excited at the prospect of watching a man picking cherries, we thought it was kind of him to ask, and so off he went to fetch his seven-seater vehicle.

Owen drove us two Brits, along with Joyce, Charles and Chuck, to his orchard where the “Cherry Picker” of course, turned out to be a machine. He then drove us to the location of the new golf course which was just in the process of being constructed.

We spent a very pleasant morning in the company of a charming man and his wife, whose friendliness we have never forgotten. Owen Bahle will be sadly missed in Suttons Bay.

Pat and Don Preece

St. Luke’s Close, Cannock

Staffordshire, England

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