2013-04-18 / Letters

Entertainment in Leelanau

To the Editor:

Nothing to do at 9 a.m. on the second Tuesday of each month? Attend a County Commissioners meeting. Plan on at least four hours for this treat. What you might witness is a group less progressive than a turtle moving in reverse, including a half dozen of the commissioners. This group appears angry and mean-spirited; they represent our local Tea Party and are the people discounted by the legitimate Republican party and who would be hated by the ancestors they emulate. Now for the entertainment part.

Suttons Bay, a small town in Northern Michigan, in the middle of a long winter ... Stephen King, eat your heart out. The plot unfolds! A cult-like group of frenzied people in a small area known as Paranoiaville Center gathers to express their fears and how they can protect themselves from the evil government. One man says government should have no control over his property. What about building a house without a permit? Drilling a well, or putting in a septic system without health department approval? Stop paying your property taxes and see what rights you have!

Another member, a commissioner no less, is against just about any kind of regulation; thinks people should be able to live in their basements and run a business out of the living area. Forget about the firefighter charging down a basement with no egress for rescue purposes. Or the law enforcement offi- cer who shows up to help with a domestic violence issue and discovers he must truck down to the basement living quarters.

This anti-government, anti-regulation is arcane. This regressive county government has got to reverse directions and represent us all. What’s wrong with taxes for the common good? Recycling and good regulations, water quality, broadband internet? Government is not out to get you!

W.D. Bushey
Lakeview Rd
Elmwood Township

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