2013-06-06 / Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

May 24

The Joanne M. Brown Trust to herself, Section 35, Leelanau Township.

Joanne M. Brown to the Joanne M. Brown Trust, Section 35, Leelanau Township.

The Ruth H. Freeman Trust to Peter C. and Laura C.L. Jolliffe, Cherry Home Shores, Leelanau Township, ($14,000).

Cynthia B. Simpson to Sara J. Weinheimer and Marjorie M. Weinheimer, Block 6, Village of Leland, (valuation affidavit filed).

Equity Trust Company to Gary and Joanne Hewitt, Section 27, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Patrick F. and Annette S. Kendziorski to George Pomaville, Section 23, Solon Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Philip H. Schaff Jr. Trust # 3 to the Linda M. Johnson Trust and the H. Wendell Johnson Trust, Section 12, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Northwestern Bank to the Hurlock- Jones Hutchinson Family Trust, Stone Schoolhouse Condominiums, Suttons Bay Village.

Benjamin J. and Kelsey LaCross to Jonathan S. Dayton and Stephanie L. Wiitala, Scenic Mountain View Estates, Cleveland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

The Helen Carey Keller Revocable Trust to the Sandra S. Carroll Trust Agreement and G. Thomas and Nancy K. Doyle, Plat of Sleeping Bear Beach, Glen Arbor Township.

May 28

Deborah and Walter Bauer, John P. and Leah Dunn, Barbara and Marcus Knisely, William and Mary B. Dunn, and Kathryn M.D. and James Gailbraith to Patrick F. and Annette Kendziorski, Bunek’s Leelanau Pines, Bingham Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Kristine Ball to the Lena A. Ball Trust, Section 4, Leland Township.

Peter W. Ball to the Lena A. Ball Trust, Section 4, Leland Township.

Jo Ellen Vinyard to herself, Crystal Beach Condominium, Glen Arbor Township.

The Dean and Dorothy Gauther Asset Trust to Christine M. Campose, Section 17, Elmwood Township, ($148,000).

Robert M. Mampe and Mary K. North to Mary K. North, Section 35, Leland Township.

Mary K. North to the Einhorn Landry Revocable Trust Agreement, Section 35, Leland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Mary K. North to Robert M. Mampe and herself, Section 35, Leland Township.

Greens of Rochester to the Kevin E. and Kimberly J. Cooke Joint Revocable Trust, Section 23, Suttons Bay Township.

Mary B. and Robert B. Ryan to themselves, Section 20, Bingham Township.

Michigan State Housing Development Authority to Kate Evans, Section 24, Empire Township, ($75,000).

Mark S. Wood to Carla S. Wood, Cedar Creek Commons Condominium, Elmwood Township.

The Rorie Sue Lewis Revocable Trust to the Emma A. McGraw Watson Revocable Trust Agreement, La Riviera West No. 3, Elmwood Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Leroy H. and Aline P. Getchell to Robert K. Long Jr. and Lori J. Long, Forest Glen, Glen Arbor Township, ($967,250).

John K. and Kathleen O. Imboden to Stephen P. and Wendy S. Dumas, Plat of Empire, Village of Empire, ($209,000).

Richard M. and Karen S. Larabee to Renee Spaulding, Edward M. Cummings Plat, Bingham Township, ($215,000).

The Isabell Nielson Living Trust to Mark A. and Madelyn E. Korzon, Section 21 and 22, Bingham Township, ($339,000).

May 29

Melvin C. and Barbara A. Vanderbrug to Scott A. Baillie and Barbra L. Dillet, Stanley Subdivision, Bingham Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

The Tennis Family Trust to Brian K. and Amy L. Tennis, Section 26, Leelanau Township.

Conrad M. and Carolyn H. Helmlinger to the Tennis Family Trust, Section 26, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Conrad M. and Carolyn H. Helmlinger to Larry and Theresa Burdick, Section 26, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Larry and Theresa Burdick to Brian K. and Amy L. Tennis, Section 26, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

John R. Woods to the John R. Woods Revocable Living Trust, Section 26, Cleveland Township.

Scott D. and Anne M. Hooper to Susan M. Love, The Forest, Elmwood Township, ($189,215).

James D. and Lynne E. Cowart to Timothy L. and Holly L. Norman, Cherry Home Shores, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

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