2013-07-11 / Leelanau Log

leelanau log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

June 20

JPMorgan Chase Bank to the Federal National Mortgage Association, Section 21, Centerville Township.

The George C. Wakulat Trust to the Wade and Patricia Hulon Living Trust, Section 9, Leland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

The Thomas W. and Beverly J. Aspenleiter Joint Revocable Trust Agreement to Eric Bell, Section 8, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affi- davit filed).

Eric Bell to Paul and Tracie Kochanny, Section 8, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Charles A. and Jackie M. Zeits to Sara D. Michael, Section 33, Leland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Denise M. Crouch and Kathleen S. Long to Heidi K. and Joakim Esaiasson, Section 1, Empire Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

June 27

Elliott Partnership to Donald L. Elliott Sr. and Debra S. Elliott, Section 7, Elmwood Township.

Marla J. Miron to Eric A. and Kristi D. Hallett, Section 35, Leelanau Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Aaron and Alissa Spinniken, Section 32, Suttons Bay Township, ($94,000).

Scott Cooper and Anne Gillis- Cooper to the Scott and Anne Cooper Family Trust, Section 21, Centerville Township.

June 28

The Albin and Margaret Tarsa Trust to the Tarsa Homestead LLC, Section 11, Kasson Township.

Konrad Molter to Kevin Molter, Section 7, Kasson Township, and Section 3, Suttons Bay Township.

Ardent Service Corporation to Britton and Gretchen Driver, 1 unit, Bay View Condominium, Suttons Bay Village, ($240,000).

FRT-2011-1 Trust to FORT 2011-1 REO LLC, 1 lot, Cedar View, Elmwood Township.

David L. and Sharon L. Geisler to the David L. Geisler Trust and the Sharon L. Geisler Trust, Section 4, Empire Township.

Quercus Alba LLC to Thomas G. and Sandra T. Isleib, 1 lot, Plat of New Neighborhood, Empire Village, ($45,000).

Bernard J. Schopieray III to Robert J. Schopieray Jr. and Phyllis Schopieray, Section 6, Solon Township, ($7,650).

Fifth Third Mortgage Co. to Michael Clark, Section 31, Solon Township, ($104,500).

Fred M. Szczepanski and William K. Thompson to themselves, 1 lot, First Addition to Cedar Lake Gardens, Elmwood Township.

Laura J. Johnson to Suttons Bay Land LLC, Section 28, Suttons Bay Village, ($119,000).

Crain Hill LLC to Gregory F. and Nancy M. Fazzoni, 1 unit, Sapphire Shore, Elmwood Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

The Glenn F. LaCross and Judith D. LaCross Trust to William C. Rastetter and Carolyn Weed, Section 28, Centerville Township, ($52,501).

Robert W. Johnson to David C. Maser, Section 32, Cleveland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

July 1

Gary E. and Linda Thornton to the Thornton Family Trust, Section 31 and 32, Suttons Bay Township.

Timm A. and Kathy L. Sahs to the Timm A. Sahs Revocable Living Trust, Section 34, Northport Village.

John A. Battista Sr. and Patricia D. Battista to the Kristen M. Headrick Trust, 1 unit, Sundance Condominium, Glen Arbor Township.

Marriage license applications filed

Brent A. Beck and Katherine J. Petersburg

Timothy D. Faull and Kelly R. Knight

Kevin D. Patenaude and Deborah C. Ball

Robert J. Paulus and Lyndee M. Janowiak

Jerrold M. Fisher II and Tabitha K. Holbrook

Nicholas J. Sumera and Amy L. McNeill

Andrew J. Jelinek and Rosemarie Eavou

Marriages performed

Eric M. Klienertz and Kelly L. Reid — June 29 in Lake Leelanau.

Timothy S. Smith and Shelly M. Stanton — June 29 in Traverse City.

Lane J. Sobehrad and Lindsey L. Lowry — June 24 in Suttons Bay.

John B. Hemenway II and Regina A. Carney — June 23 in Glen Arbor.

Benjamin T. Heymer and Leslie A. Patton — June 22 in Elmwood Township.

Drew K. Browning and Patricia E. Peters — June 22 in Traverse City.

Kyle T. Trumbull and Rachelle L. Brzezinski — June 29 in Traverse City.

Michael J. Sell and Jennifer E. Brown — June 29 in Suttons Bay.

Daniel J. Natalie and Katelyn K. Cecchini — June 28 in Bingham Township.

Richard K. Bennett and Nancy K. Yahr — June 29 in Solon Township.

Betty K. Anderson to the Anderson Living Trust, Block 2, Brown’s Addition to the Village of Leland.

Gordon and Dorothy Dawson to the Dawson Family Trust, Section 19, Leelanau Township.

Stephen M. Thompson and Linda S. Tobias, 1 unit, Shady Shores, Empire Township.

The Richard J. Woods and Kathryn A. Woods Inter-Vivos Trust and the Mary E. Brigman Trust to Glen Arbor Property LLC. Section 14, Glen Arbor Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

The Edna R. Lind Trust to William Lind Jr., Section 10, Suttons Bay Township, (this entry appears twice).

New assumed names filed in county

Bass Lake Baby Food Company; 5885 Swede Road, Northport — By Ruth G. Shaw, 5885 Swede Road, Northport.

Bayshore Cabins; 10907 Northshore Dr., Northport — By Theresa StamosUnderwood, 10890 Northshore Dr., P.O. Box 351, Northport.

Big Belly Farm; 13441 S. Coleman Road, Empire — By Traci J. Cruz, 13441 S. Coleman Road, Empire.

Dean’s Hobby House; 7461 S. Lake Leelanau Dr., Traverse City — By Allen D. Hartman, 7461 S. Lake Leelanau Dr., Traverse City.

Empire Lakeshore Inn; 11730 S. Lacore Road, Empire — By Megan Belford, 11730 S. Lacore Road, Empire.

Fisher’s Lakeside Cottages; 6200 S. Maple City Road, Maple City — By Betsy L. Fisher and Mark N. Fisher, 6200 S. Maple City Road, Maple City.

Leelanau Roofing Company; 1090 E. Traverse Lake Road, Cedar — By Ian Olmsted, P.O. Box 271, Cedar.

Northern Lakes Community Mental Health; 105 Hall St., Suite A, Traverse City — By Gregory D. Paffhouse, N. Lakes Community Mental Health Authority, 105 Hall St., St. A, Traverse City.

Plover Dunes; 6640 W. Western Ave., Unit 1, Glen Arbor — By April Prince, 2185 Loth Lorian Dr., Traverse City.

Provemont Hill Vineyard; 150 S. French Road, Lake Leelanau — By John A. Scott, 150 S. French Road, Lake Leelanau.

Superior Leelanau Paramedical; 765 N. Dumas Road, Suttons Bay — By Virginia Howard, 765 N. Dumas Road, Suttons Bay.

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