2013-08-08 / Letters

Walkers should yield to cyclists when in bike lane

To the Editor:

I walk M-22 North of the Glen Lake bridge every day. Pedestrians walk in the bike lane against the traffi c. Bicycles ride in the bike lane with the traffic. At the posted speed limit cars converge at 80 and 90 mph in that area.

When I see bikes and cars approaching I step off the bike path and wave the cycle rider to stay in the lane. It’s easy for me to do this but the cyclist has to either stop, (diffi cult if not impossible according to speed), or pull out in front of the vehicle coming up behind him. The cyclists appreciate this, but I’ve never seen other walkers doing this.

My nightmare is when a walker or a group of walkers is oblivious to the situation, and an inattentive cyclist pulls into the street with vehicles present. I haven’t heard of this happening yet causing an accident, but the situation is an accident waiting to happen. Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers are all enjoying the view, sometimes not paying enough attention to what is going on around them.

Since the state will not lower the speed limit which would lessen the danger, there is one idea which might help. Signs that would alert the pedestrians to the potential problem. “Give way to approaching bicycles when vehicles are present.”

Ros Jennings

Glen Lake Road

Glen Arbor

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