2013-08-29 / Leelanau Log

leelanau log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

Aug. 14

Patrick H. and Jessica M. Sullivan to Barbara J. Stamiris, one lot, Lake Bluffs Subdivision, Solon Township, ($210,000).

John B. and Dorothy J. Beers to Geoffrey P. and Lisa A. Harris, one lot, Cherry Bend Heights No. 2, Elmwood Township, ($256,000).

Alonzo C. and Deborah A. Aylsworth to Bobby L. and Sue E. Palmer, Section 30, Empire Township, ($30,000).

Aug. 15

David J. and Karen H. Spencer to Tyler L. and Erin E. Mills, one unit, Valley Hills, Elmwood Township, ($249,400).

The Jean L. Bogart Revocable Living Trust to the Jean L. Bogart Revocable Living Trust, Section 23, Empire Village.

The Richard F. Elton Trust and the Florence J. Elton Trust to Robert H. Tiderington III and Sherry L. Brandel, Section 29, Leland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Ronald Bishop to John A. and Elaine M. Kish, one unit, Glen Lake Storage and Industrial Condominium, Empire Township, ($40,000).

Thomas W. and Cynthia R. Bradley to Aaron C. and April M. May, one unit, Empire Hills Condominium, Empire Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Thomas W. O’Leary and Karen L. O’Daniel to Dustin and Jennifer McKellar, Section 10, Cleveland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Aug. 16

Kari Merz to Tyler Merz, one lot, Assessor’s Plat # 1, Village of Northport.

The Robert H. Tiderington III Revocable Living Trust to John S. and Mary O. Putman, one unit, Bay Cliffs Estates, Suttons Bay Village, (valuation affidavit filed).

Debra A. Gottschalk to Gary L. Gottschalk, two units, The Barkentine, Suttons Bay Village.

Gary L. and Debra A. Gottschalk to the Gary L. Gottschalk Living Trust, two units, The Barkentine, Suttons Bay Village.

Aug. 19

John R. and Laura A. Ashmore to themselves, Section 12, Empire Township.

David J. and Patricia Korson to Thomas M. Korson, Section 31, Leland Township.

Aaron and Meghann Quigley to Cynthia Cobane, Section 36, Empire Township.

Cynthia Cobane to Aaron and Meghann Quigley, Section 36, Empire Township.

Fannie Mae to Jeffrey R. and Ellen P. Keen, Section 4, Leland Township, ($350,000).

The William G. Blair Living Trust to Paul N. and JoAnn McGovern, one unit, Suttons Bay Yacht Village, Suttons Bay Village, (valuation affidavit filed).

Cletus K. and Elizabeth A. Lysinger to Lysinger Properties LLC, one unit, South Village Condominium, Glen Arbor Township.

Aug. 20

Jack A. and Delores E. Mobley to Jack A. and Delores T. Mobley, Section 23, Suttons Bay Township.

The George P. Allendorph Family Trust to Carol Allendorph, Section 14, Leland Township.

The Robert W. Worthington Trust to Lorraine M. Worthington, Section 34, Glen Arbor Township.

Lorraine M. Worthington to the Lorraine M. Worthington Trust, Section 34, Glen Arbor Township.

Kiessel Farms LLC to Kiessel Brothers LLC, Section 13, Bingham Township.

Marriages performed

Asher D. Cornelius and Cathi L. Rhynard — Aug. 15 in Suttons Bay.

Anson W. Huckleby and Aimee J. Woodrum — July 17 in Omena.

John T. Dolan and Roxanne F. Perri — Aug. 16 in Traverse City.

Nathan L. Price and Sylvia Vong — Aug. 17 in Leelanau Township.

Erin J. Gardyko and Katherine A. Bartnick — Aug. 17 in Omena.

New assumed names filed in county

Anchor and Paint; 7170 N. Swede Road, Northport — By Mary Ann O’Shaughnessy and Steve R. Scott, 7170 N. Swede Road, Northport.

Brian Mac Construction; 12292 S. Lincoln Hollow Court, Cedar — By Brian Mac, 12292 S. Lincoln Hollow Court, Cedar.

Earth Shelter Design Build; 9971 N. Ranger Road, Northport — By Raymond C. Amin, 9971 N. Ranger Road, Northport.

Freshwater Carpentry; 14021 N. Forest Beach Shores Road, Northport — By Daniel E. Rasey, 14021 N. Forest Beach Shores Road, Northport.

HH Stables TRD; 5200 W. Beeman Road, Empire — By Meghan M. Nedow, 11990 E. Freeland Road, Suttons Bay.

Julian Bunker Photography; 5501 N. Overlook Road, Northport — By Julian Bunker, 5501 N. Overlook Road, Northport.

Keith Parker Farm; 12675 S. Solon Road, Cedar — By Keith E. Parker and Wesley H. Parker, 12675 S. Solon Road, Cedar.

Northwoods; 11242 S. Bright Road, Maple City — By Ava Bright, 11242 S. Bright Road, Maple City.

Tykies Long Life; 7786 E, Sierra Dr., Traverse City — Stephanie Burns, 7786 E, Sierra Dr., Traverse City.

Deaths recorded in county

Max A. Finton, 96, of Leelanau Township, died Aug. 9 in Northport.

Mary B. Landa, 70, of San Diego, died Aug. 14 in Elmwood Township.

Annetta M. Evans, 80, of Suttons Bay Township, died Aug. 19 in Suttons Bay Township.

Marriage license applications filed

Charles J. Betzig and Catharine C. O’Brien

Kenneth E. Foster and Sharon K. Thomas

Andrew C. Shackelford and Michelle R. Verville

Aaron R. Norris and Elisabeth C. Spinniken

Joshua J. Marinos and Hadley K. Smith

Alexander I. Evans and Jessica P. Modrall

Patrick W. Lewis and Tamara M. Maurer

Andrew T. Jeurink and Makenzie R. Spencer

Danny L. Childs and Kristen R. McKinney

John P. Jordan III and Marcilene S. Witherow

Thomas O. Bisbee and Laura A. Johnson

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