2013-09-26 / Letters

COG editorial leaves concern about County Board

To the Editor:

The recent editorial on the Council on Governments (COG) was evenhanded and revealed some interesting issues. Leelanau County is a member of COG and contributes a small amount of money to its operation. For this contribution, we have a “seat at the table.”

In return, we need to be represented by someone who understands the role of COG and the benefits it provides to our county. Jean Watkoski served admirably in this role as a county commissioner and is well respected at the table. This does not mean that she did not ask questions or offer advice. She understands the meaning of regional collaboration.

This current county board is disrespectful of professionals who serve us. It is time for citizens of Leelanau County to examine what is happening at the county board meetings, to question decisions, and to attend meetings to speak out.

Mary Tonneberger

Omena Point


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