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leelanau log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

Oct. 3

Ian Dawkins to the Michael K. Solomon and Donna M. Solomon Revocable Living Trust, Section 10, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affi- davit filed).

Gregory C. and Shirley G. Hodge to Raymond K. and Jan K. Pezzi, Section 29, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Peter G. and Ann M. Zenz to Robert and Nancy Crawford, Section 25, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affi- davit filed).

Lance R. and Traci A. Aylsworth to Todd A. and Jeanne A. Bredin, Sections 15 and 22, Empire Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Shannon G. Walters and Caroline E. Chatfield to Jeffrey and Erin McRae, Section 8, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

John T. and Tama Pickford to Kevin and Christie Ackroyd, one unit, Beals House Condominium, Glen Arbor Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Oct. 4

The Kenneth D. Shugart and Marie E. Shugart Revocable Living Trust to Brian S. Shugart as custodian of Nathan M. Shugart and Adam D. Shugart, Section 30, Bingham Township.

Shirley H. Abbott to the Shirley H. Abbott Declaration of Trust, Section 11, Centerville Township.

Andrew S. and Elizabeth L. Robinson to 13 Twisted Oak LLC, one unit, Woodstone Condominium, Glen Arbor Township.

The Howard and Kristin Cann Trust to Howard W. Cann III and Kristin B. Cann, Section 3, Village of Northport.

The Keith Q. Kennedy Trust to Leona H. Vierk, Section 31, Glen Arbor Township.

James P. and Diane K. Oliver to Michael J. Cross, one unit, Chimney Ridge Condominium, Glen Arbor Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Donald F. and Tina M. Van Thomme to Kimsey T. Wright Jr. and Pamela S. Wright, Section 27, Suttons Bay Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Defoe Properties LLC to Matthew A. and Amy L. Roberts, one unit, Empire Hills, Empire Village, (valuation affidavit filed).

Oct. 7

Carrie A. Sharp to Paul and Jane Thielking, Section 15, Suttons Bay Township, ($561,495).

U.S. Bank National Association to James and Susan Rauser, Section 24, Elmwood Township, ($248,000).

Fannie Mae to LouAnn West and Stephen W. Fordyce, Section 12, Leland Township, ($186,000).

Craig A. Brigham to Melanie A. Guthrie, Section 11, Leelanau Township, (this entry appears three times).

The Jones Living Trust to Patrick and Mary Kondrat, plat of Omena Heights, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

The Pamela E. Croci Trust to Richard A. and Kathleen L. Haglage, Section 11, Bingham Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

JMJ Land Ventures LLC to Jordan and Colleen Gallagher, Section 25, Elmwood Township, ($25,000).

The Suzanne Papke Revocable Inter Vivos Trust to Joseph and Jennifer St. Julian, Sections 32 and 33, Glen Arbor Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Andrew F. Caughey and Shelly J. Neitzel to Dale L. and Robin Johnson, Section 26, Cleveland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

John and Kathy Naymick to Richard and Rebecca Pomrenke, one lot, Leelanau Hills No. 1, Elmwood Township, ($43,000).

Oct. 8

Leelanau County Land Bank to James W. Delaplante, Section 5, Solon Township, ($3,000).

The Christopher M. Knowles Revocable Trust to Christopher M. Knowles, Section 30, Centerville Township.

Christopher M. Knowles to the Christopher M. Knowles Revocable Trust, Section 30, Centerville Township.

Michael and Barbara Kirt to he Trustee of the Michael D. Kirt Sr. and Barbara J. Kirt Revocable Living Trust, Section 26, Leland Township.

The James A. Lang Revocable Trust to Jacqueline L. Lang, Section 29, Leland Township.

Jacqueline L. Lang to the Jacqueline L. Lang Revocable Trust, Section 29, Leland Township.

Gregory L. and Elizabeth H. Dechow to themselves, plat of Omena, Leelanau Township.

Members Credit Union to Daniel J. and Constance R. Daigger, Section 4, Solon Township, ($104,000).

The Emily K. Murphy Revocable Living Trust to Linda K. McNier, one unit, South Beach Condominium, Glen Arbor Township, ($670,000).

Oct. 9

Stephen A. and Bonnie J. Wattelet to Treenan Sturman and Elaine J. Grehl, Section 11, Solon Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

The May-Lis B. Trust to Timothy A. Kupferer, one lot, Shoreside Valley and Section 4, Bingham Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Mary J. Tafelsky, Barbara A. Khaje, Elizabeth J. Black, Paul A. Miller and Richard C. Miller to themselves and Bruce A. Miller, Section 33, Traverse City.

Mary J. Tafelsky, Barbara A. Khaje, Elizabeth J. Black, Paul A. Miller and Richard C. Miller to Miller Elmwood Properties LLC, Section 33, Traverse City.

Martin L. Richardson and Ruth Schulien-Richardson to Irma’s Place LLC, Sections 14 and 15, Leland Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Farrell Corp. to Rebekah E. Fahey, Section 18, Bingham Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Harold and Frances Lautner to the Marilyn M. Flaska Living Trust, Section 27, Solon Township, ($46,000).

Daisy Square LLC to Thornapple Hollow LLC, Section 16, Bingham Township.

Oct. 10

Scott L. and Joann M. Flaska to Scott C. Flaska, Block 1, Village of Cedar, Solon Township.

Linda B. Pouncey to the Linda B. Pouncey Revocable Trust, Section 25, Empire Township.

Bruce R. and Becky J. Kalee to themselves, one unit, Wilderness Condominium, Glen Arbor Township.

Marge and Gerald Selbee to James Sawyer and Sandra L. Sawyer, Section 10, Centerville Township, ($28,500).

James Sawyer and Sandra L. Sawyer to Jerry and Anna M. Kelenske, Section 10, Centerville Township, ($55,000).

Thomas J. Holt and Susan Hepburn- Holt to Jordan and Marcy Lindberg, one lot, Outback Ridge, Elmwood Township, ($380,000).

Jean M. Wimmer to the Novak Family Revocable Trust, Section 26, Leelanau Township, (valuation affidavit filed).

Oct. 11

Marsha S. Stratton, Michael L. Lautner and David H. Lautner to Birch Point Cottage LLC and Marsha S. Stratton, Section 11, Solon Township.

Eric S. and Kimberly J. Miles to the Eric and Kimberly Miles Trust, Section 11, Empire Township.

John K. and Kathleen D. Imboden and Bradley J. and Janet T. Luckhaupt to Jason L. Stringer and Ann K. Terlaak, Block 2, Aylsworth’s First Addition to Empire, Empire Village, ($62,000).

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Alan A. Karen M. Schaub, Section 3, Centerville Township, (valuation affi- davit filed).

Wayne C. and Lori Kilway to Megan Hendrick, Section 5, Centerville Township, ($165,000).

Margot F. Hamp to National Park Service, Section 11, Empire Township, ($468,000).

The Robinson Family Development LLC to Robinson Family Storage Unit Development LLC, one unit, County Line Trade Center Condominium, Solon Township.

Ashley E. Barr to MLC/BPC, LLC, Section 27, Glen Arbor Township.

Laura J. Barr to MLC/BPC, LLC , Section 27, Glen Arbor Township.

Deaths recorded in county

Edwin A. Mace, 81, of Elmwood Township, died Oct. 31 in Elmwood Township.

Marriages performed

Matthew T. Seibert and Christine A. Norgard — Oct. 6 in Glen Arbor.

Julius B. Mapalad and Kyla D. Clements — Oct. 26 in Glen Arbor.

David Z. Knecht and Ambica Iyengar — Oct. 19 in Glen Arbor.

Matthew D. Miller and Kriya M. Townsend — Oct. 19 in Suttons Bay.

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