2014-06-12 / Leelanau Log

leelanau log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

May 23

Ed and Janet Karcher to Kelly Sean Karcher, Section 11, Centerville Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Gary Mitchell and Debra A. Ladd to Sherry Dubenion Edwards, one lot of Homewood Subdivision, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

May 27

Thomas J. Harrier and Karen K. Harriger to The Thomas J. Harriger and Karen K. Harriger Living Trust, Section 5, Empire Township.

Michael A. Gauthier to Brian Cretton, Section 20, Solon Township ($93,000).

Bruce McGhan to Bruce McGhan and Ann Drury, Section 23, Solon Township.

Douglas F. Fierberg, successor trustee of The Roslyn Fierberg Revocable Trust to Stephen A. Gossett, two lots, Barton’s Addition to the Village of Leland (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

May 28

Theresa A. Fouch to Cherry Bend LLC, Section 28, Elmwood Township ($260,000).

William W. Myers and Kay A. Myers to Scott W. Myers and Angela K. Myers, one lot, Lakeview Terrace Subdivision, Bingham Township.

Charles Cady and Susan Cady to John E. Curly and Elise L.Lievois, Section 35, Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Robert B. Hadley Amended and Restated Revcable Trust to Joseph C. Dressel and Marilyn K. Dressel Joint Declaration of Trust, one unit, Cedar Creek Commons, Elmwood Township ($258,000).

Timothy J. Hunt to Joseph R. DiFranco and Michelle B. DeFranco, Section 17, Elmwood Township ($216,000).

May 29

David R. Yeomans and Darlene Yeomans, to John Yeomans, Melissa Yeomans, and Todd Yeomans, Section 4, Solon Township.

William E. Flaska and Betty J. Flaska Trust Agreement No. 1 to Richard and Laura Nachazel, Section 8, Centerville Township.

Richard A. and Laura L. Nachazel to Richard A. and Laura L, Co-Trustees of The Nachazels Living Trust. Section 8, Centerville Township.

State Building Authority to State of Michigan, Michigan State Police Phase II Tower Site 7103, Section 22, Empire Township.

State Building Authority to State of Michigan, Michigan State Police Phase III Tower Site 7108, Section 25, Elmwood Township.

Estate of Pauline F. Smith to Richard L. Smith Jr., Section 25, Empire Township (This entry appears twice.)

C.N.B. Properties to Bradford William Lystra, one lot, Village of Northport (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

John R. Robb and Julie F. Dodson to Stefan D. Miller and Nancy K. Miller, Section 21, Elmwood Township ($350,000).

Deaths recorded in county

Kenneth A. Blodick, 77, of Bingham Township, died May 29 in Bingham Township.

James M. Dailey, 84, of Empire Township, died June 4 in Empire Township.

Marriage license applications filed

Jonathan M. Krol and Audrey Burritt

Christopher R. Omerza and Wendy P. Anderson

Corey A. Spurling and Jennifer L. Alexander

Kevin J. McPherson and Lisa M. Jenuwine

New assumed names filed in county

Creative Designs; 7606 E. Birch Point Road, Traverse City — By Nancy Curley, 7606 E. Birch Point Road, Traverse City.

Gary Lee Hecht Builders; 1320 E. Maplewing Dr., Cedar — By Gary L. Hecht, 1320 E. Maplewing Dr., Cedar.

Northwood Rentals; 4165 W. Dodge Springs Trail, Maple City — By Jason J. Bradford, 4165 W. Dodge Springs Trail, Maple City.

Paula Rich to Paule Ric, Trustee of the Paula Rich Trust, one unit, Wilderness Condominium, Glen Arbor Township.

Thomas R. Eurich and Vicki A. Eurich to Michael J. Hays and Julie D. Hays, one unit, Beachwalk, Glen Arbor township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Kenneth W. Serwin to Wayne Anderson and Jayne B. Robinson, one lot, cherry home subdivision, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Donovan J. Herman Trust to Donvan J. Herman, Section 3, Bingham Township.

Donovan J. Herman to Kevin D. Herman, Section 3, Bingham Township.

May 30

Geraldine Anderson and Sandra Dubois to Geraldine Anderson, Robert Scott Anderson, Philip Anderson and Sandra Dubois, Section 14, Cleveland Township.

Jason M. Morio to Nicole M. Morio, Section 23 Centerville Township.

Loretta F. Helwig Revocable Trust to Loretta F. Helwig, Section 22, Leland Township (This entry appears twice.)

Federal National Mortgage Association to The Huntington National Bank, Section 18, Suttons Bay Township.

Marilyn M. Flaska Trust to SC Flaska Properties LLC, Section 7, Solon Township.

Marriages performed

Scott M. Thomas and Emily M. Black — May 9 in Suttons Bay Township.

Michael V. Lackey and Sylvia Necci — May 10 in Bingham Township.

Jeffrey C. Parker and Anna C. Krupp — May 31 in Bingham Township.

Benjamin J. Smith and Megan E. Schrider — May 31 in Peninsula Township.

Stephen M. Gardner and Emma S. Glazer — May 31 in Glen Arbor.

James E. Smielewski and Katie M. Alpers — June 5 in Suttons Bay Township.

Charles R. Lewis and Jamie L. Foster — May 24 in Suttons Bay.

Matthew C. Monahan and Jonese N. Ciliberto — May 30 in Glen Arbor.

John J. Larsen and Kimberly E. Hinesmann-Deloney — May 25 in Glen Arbor.

Kevin R. McGlynn and Melinda A. Bohmer — May 31 in Leelanau Township.

Stephen J. Berg and Molly E. Grosvenor — May 31 in Leland Township.

Adam J. Ziter and Lindsey S. Parsons — May 31 on Mackinaw Island.

Noe M. Garcia and Carrie A. Gleason — May 31 in Lake Leelanau.

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