2014-07-03 / Leelanau Log

leelanau log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

June 9

Gerald J. Jagosz and Doris G. Jagosz to Kevin Kehrwecker and Linda Kehrwecker, Section 23, Cleveland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Barbara H. Coye, William W. Hubbard and Peter L. Coyle, Co-Sucessor Trustees of the Robert D. Coye Family Trust to Jonathan C. Pawlak and Shelly C. Lall, Section 8, Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

CenterPointe Unlimited, LLC to West Bay Properties, LLC, Section 28, Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Ronald C. Crummel to Charles L. Albin and Linda C. Gits, Section 18, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Eric D. LaPaugh, Marni L. LaPaugh and Katherine L. Shimunek to James E. Chacon and Stacey L. Chacon, Section 16, Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Larry Lee Lewis to Marje Ann Hoopfer, two lots, Block 15, Village of Suttonsburg (now Suttons Bay).

Marcel Kooi Revocable Trust to Jonathon E. Hoyer and Rhonda E. Hoyer, two lots, Billmans Beach Resort, Centerville Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Hearthside Office Park, LLC to Buddy’s Beach Shack, two lots, O-Migisi Beach, Section 24, Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

June 10

Lois Bahle to Bahle Properties, Suttons Bay Old Plat, Suttons Bay.

Charles F. Wepking and Dorothy E. Wepking Inter-Vivos Trust to Robert T. Turner and Linda Turner, Section 16, Empire Township ($30,000).

Marilyn Moberg to Marc A. Murphy and Jenifer Murphy, eight lots in the Boughey’s First Addition to the Village of Cedar.

June 11

Eric Moore and Martine Moore of the Moore Family Revocable Living Trust to Patricia Evans of the Patricia A. Evans Revocable Trust, eight lots, Midland Subdivision, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

North Coast Development, LLC to Cherry Bend, LLC, one unit, County Line Trade Center Condominium, Solon Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

James F. Pawlowski and Catherine B. Pawlowski to Margaret L. Dye, Trustee of the Amended and Restated Margaret L. Dye Trust, Lot 5, Heritage Hills, Village of Empire (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

June 12

Sterling Homes and Land, Inc. to Jacob Hardy and Ashley D. Grzybowski, one unit, The Meadows Condominium, Elmwood Township ($274,500).

Dana L. Roman to Lance A. Roman, Section 24, Empire Township (This entry appears three times.)

Dana L. Roman to Lance A. Roman, Section 19, Empire Township (This

New assumed names filed in county

The Bead Hut; 199 River St., Leland — By Jonathan Lindenau and Lisa Preckel, 10850 S. Orchard Way, Traverse City.

Blackbird Painting Co., 3268 N. West Bayshore Dr., Suttons Bay — By Paul Raphael Jr., 3268 N. West Bayshore Dr., Suttons Bay.

Garden Gals; 623 W. Valley Road, Maple City — By Tracey Jensen, 623 W. Valley Road, Maple City.

SBM; 2997 S. Center Highway, Suttons Bay — By Jeffrey L. Taber, 2997 S. Center Highway, Suttons Bay.

Marriages performed

David J. Enders and Monica G. Karam, June 20 in Leland.

Corey L. Brock and Katy G. Wright, June 21 in Glen Arbor.

Anthony C. Ross and Blair V. Naylor, June 21 in Glen Arbor.

Mark A. Hartnett and Kara M. Gittens, June 15 in Leland.

Joseph D. Mosher and Leah A. Doe- Simkins, June 20 in Port Oneida-Glen Arbor.

Robert Gingell and Kimberly D. Arbour, June 21 in Suttons Bay.

Richard J. Korndorfer and Carly E. Sherburn, June 21 in Norton Shores.

Alex Zanin and Sara E. Baumann, June 19 in Bingham Township.

Richard W. Allen and Linda J. Springer, June 21 in Garfield Township. entry appears twice.)

Dana L. Roman to Lance A. Roman, Section 27, Empire Township.

Dana L. Roman to Lance A. Roman, Empire Airport Industrial Park, Empire Township.

John L. Mieske and Debra E. Mieske to The Mieske Trust Agreement, Section 4, Elmwood Township.

Christopher Wright to Trust of Christopher Wright, Section 4, Empire Township.

Jonathan G. Baatz, Trustee of the Jonathan G. Baatz Trust to Jonathan G. Baatz, Section 7, Kasson Township.

Chester Czaplicka and Linda Wilke to Matthew T. Mokanyk, Unit No. 4, Edgewater Lofts Condominiums, Elmwood Township ($338,000).

June 13

Loren B. Bensley and Joan P. Bensley to Marek Ulicny, Section 23, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Flathead-Michigan I, LLC to Robert G. Champion and Linda Champion, BayView Condominium, Village of Suttons Bay ($365,000).

June 16

Centerpointe Unlimited LLC to West Bay Properties LLC, Section 7, Elmwood Township.

Larry D. Hach and Michelle M. Hach to Larry D. Hach and Michelle M. Hach, Trustees of the Larry D. and Michelle M. Hach Li ving Trust, Section 19, Empire Township.

Michelle M. Hach to Larry D. Hach and Michelle M. Hach, Trustees of the Larry D. Hach and Michelle M. Hach Living Trust,one lot Village of Empire.

The Pentilla Trust to Roy A. Pentilla and Elaine R. Pentilla, Section 3, Empire Township.

Roy A. Pentilla and Elaine R. Pentilla to Roy A. Pentilla, Elaine R. Pentilla and Charles R. Pentilla, Seciton 3, Empire Township.

Deaths recorded in county

Ruth M. Fabis, 93, of Wayne County, died June 16 in Suttons Bay.

Delbert R. Benson, 86, of Elmwood Township, died June 15 in Elmwood Township.

Marriage license applications filed

George A. Peplinski and Maryann Steimel

Brett E. Kneitel and Caitlin J. Doran

Timothy T. Mastrogiacomo and Elizabeth A. Doyle

Andrew G. Nelson and Rachel L. Ambs

Philip A. Taylor and Elizabeth J. Wilson

Christopher M. Black and Marisa A. Crane

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