2014-07-24 / Leelanau Log

leelanau log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

June 25

Carol J. Dellor Grantor Trust to Stephen L. Rigotti and Elizabeth D. Rigotti, Lot 23, Pierce Stocking Development, Glen Aror Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

June 27

Scott Corey Flaska to SC Flaska Properties, Section 23, Kasson Township

William J. Duhaime and Maria Duhaime, Trustees of the Marie L. Duhaime Living Trust to Anthony Brendel and Jane Brendel, Section 14, Solon Township.

Daniel J. Kailing and Laura L. Kaling to Charles J. Spearing, Bingham Township ($560,000).

James A. Schaub Jr. and Elizabeth Schaub to John Campbell and Ann Marie Pearlman, Lot 9, the Forest, Elmwood Townhsip (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

June 30

Mykal Hugh Ackerman to Debra M. Ackerman, Shoreside Valley Estates, Elmwood Township.

Marcia C. Smith to Frederick M. Smith and Marcia C. Smith, one lot, Sugar Loaf Townhouses, Cleveland Township.

Chris S. Stannard and Deborah S. Stannard to Daniel L. and Marita M. Somero, Section 34, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Travis M. Standish to Travis M. Standish and Kevin Jan Nummerdor, Elmwood Township.

Traverse City Area Public Schools to GTRAC, LLC, Section 28, Elmwood Township($300,000).

Iceless Co. LLC to GTRAC LLC, Section 28, Elmwood Township.

County of Leelanau to GTRAC, LLC, Section 28, Elmwood Township ($42,500).

Thomas C. Christensen and Beverly J. Christensen to Christen T. Christensen and Joel E. Christensen, Section 17, Solon Township.

James A. Panek and Geraldine Wyatt to Paula Wheelock and Rebecca Wheelock, Section 20, Solon Township, (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

James G. Duff Revocable Trust to Duff Property Investments LLC, Section 22, Glen Arbor Township.

Sandman Properties LLC to KLP Investments LLC, Section 33, Elmwood Township ($335,000).

Robert C. Hobbs and Diane E. Hobbs to Mary Louise Cartwright Trust, one unit, Ship Watch Condominium, Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

July 1

Thomas L, Karen M. and Kathy A. Britton to John L. Ostlund and Kathy A. Ostlund, Section 6, Elmwood Township

Bill J. Schaub to Bill J. Schaub and Lisa L. Schaub, Section 1, Elmwood Township.

Gregory K. and Christine T. Bassett Revocable Living Trust to Gregory K. Bassett and Christine T. Bassett, husband and wife, Section 1, Elmwood Township.

Estate of Opal Stachnik to Renee J. Childres, Trustee of the Opal Stachnik Revocable Living Trust, Section 3, Elmwood Township.

Gerald T. Burton and Cathleen N. Burton to Cynthia R. Armbruster, one unit, Sun Perch Condominium, Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Martha G. Corbin Trust Agreement to Geoffrey Peckham and Patricia

Marriage license applications filed

Clinton A. Herigstad and Lyndsay M. Lamoreaux

Benjamin D. Kreple and Megan S. Owens

David J. Enders and Monica G. Karam

Ari M. Hausler and Margaret H. Meyers

Jason P. McNiel and Erica a. Viteri

Eugene J. Widowson and Susan M. Beckwith

Edward F. Elbert and Patricia Espinoza

Blake J. Compton and Elizabeth S. Maynard

Thomas G. Kawicki and Janelle B. Ellis

Derek S. Bacon and Michelle M. Bond

Robert E. Koedam and Julie A. Snell

Joshua J. Peplinski and Jessica B. Lambert

Carter R. Bishop IV and Evann T. Barrett Melzer, Section 26, Leland Township.

Owen I. Bahle Declaration of Trust and Leila E. Bahle Declaration of Trust to First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Section 28, Suttons Bay Township.

Owen I. Bahle Declaration of Trust and Leila E. Bahle Declaration of Trust to Lois Bahle, trustee of the 2007 Restatement of the Lois Bahle Declaration of Trust, three lots, Plat of Village of Suttonsburg (now Suttons Bay).

July 2

Katharine W. Turner to Katharine W. Turner, Trustee of the Katharine W. Turner Declaration of Trust, Section 11, Leland Township .

Frank Sciannella and Mary Roberta Hanson to The Sciannella-Hanson Living Trust, one unit Empire Hills Condominium, Empire Township.

Ivan J. Van Rees and lois A. Vann Rees to Timothy Hoffman and Barbara Hoffman, one unit, Portside, City of Traverse City, (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Debra Williams to SGS Properties, LLC, Tall Timbers Condominium, Glen Arbor Township.

Dayna L. Cameron to Cris Larsen, Section 33, Suttons Bay Township,

Rosemary Z. Downs to Frank Wyzywany and Denise M. Wyzywany, two lots, Manor Green Subdivision, Centerville Township ($110,000).

Michael T. Kelley and Susan F. Kelley to KELLAG LLC, two lots, Sugar Loaf Townshouses, Cleveland Township.

Gerald J. Jakee to Timothy P. Johnson and Janis Frazee, Section 33, Centerville Township ($35,000).

Benjamin Koenig and Holly Koenig to James D. Gregory Burson and Health Marie Burson, Section 17, Suttons Bay Township.

July 7

Ronald L. Petroskey to Ronald L. Petroskey Trust, Section 7, Solon Township.

John C. Zimmerman to John C. Zimmerman, Trustee of the John C. Zimmerman and Jacquelyn L. Zimmerman amended and restated trust agreement, one lot, Harbor Hills West, Elmwood Township.

Deaths recorded in county

Elise J. Viger, 79, of Northport, died July 10 in Suttons Bay.

Marriages performed

Gary P. Hansen and Sharon L. Smith, July 12 in Elmwood Township.

David Diep and Tiffany R. Eggenberger, July 12 in Northport.

Eugene J. Widowson and Susan M. Beckwith, July 18 in Leland.

July 7

Jean Marie Maissen-Welker to Jean Marie Maissen-Welker, Brian B. Maissen and Stephanie Marie Maissen, one unit, The Cottages at Brook Hill, Glen Arbor Township.

Benet Steven Polikoff and Cynthia Badan Polikoff to Audra Santoro, Section 25, Cleveland Township ($550,000).

Carol L. Watson to John A. Jones, two lots, Kehl and Ransom addition to the Village of Northport.

Charles M. Kaplan Trust to Elizabeth M. Mahaney, Section 23,Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Justin C. Thiel to Maple Ridge Hardwoods, Inc., Section 4, Centerville Township, (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

John F. Goodnow and Jennifer S. Goodnow to David F. Peppler and Margaret H. Peppler, one lot, The Woods (on the Dunes) Condominium, Empire Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Alan H. Caldwell and Sara A. Caldwell to Joshua J. Denoyer, Sugar Loaf Manor Green, Centerville Township ($160,000).

Roger Wickler and Chris Allen- Wickler to Robert K. Evans and Adria K. Badagnani, Section 12, Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Glenn T. Haglund to Robert A. Smart and Mary Smart, Section 26, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Roger S. Osiecki and Jane M. Osiecki to Mark A. Moseler and Amanda S. Moseler, Section 35, Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Runge Family LLC to Roger S. Newton and Coco K. Newton, Section 19, Suttons Bay Township.

Nancy L. Hazelwood and Samuel P. Hazelwood to Brian C. and Sara A. Moorhead, Section 29, Empire Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

John A. Smaga and Linda L. Smaga to Thomas Schram and Heather Schram, Pinnacle Place Condominium, Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Nancy M. Kyro Revocable Trust to Robert C. Stowe and Jeremy John Evans, one lot plat of Twin Pines, Section 23, Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

July 8

Janet T. Bardenhagen to Lorraine Boyadjian, Section 3, Kasson Township ($24,000).

Georganne F. Pollnow QTIP Trust to Fairfax F. Pollnow and Peter R. Pollnow, Section 36, Leelanau Township

Georganne F. Pollnow QTIP Trust to Fairfax F. Pollnow and Felicite Hawes Pollnow, Section 36, Leelanau Township.

David L. Cupp and Debra J. Cupp to Paul H. Sutherland and Amy Borer Sutherland, one unit Bay Valley Estates, Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

July 9

Ann T. Hackett and David G. Hackett Revocable Trust to The Bayberry Group, Inc., six lots of Plat of Skippers Wood, Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Ron Zaryczny and Theresa Zaryczny to Steven Zaryczny, Section 21, Leland Township.

Meganne McCardel to Cameron Frank McCardel and Morgan Jana McCardel, one unit, Cedar Cove Condominium, Elmwood Township.

Joe Williams to Scott Frederick Steffens and Elaine Jennifer Steffens, one lot, Scenic Mountain View Estates, Cleveland township ($89,000).

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