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leelanau log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

July 11

James R. Weckenbrock and Sharon M. Weckenbrock to Eric J., Gregory R. and Kristen L. Weckenbrock, two lots, Northport Point Resort, Leelanau Township.

Bruce and Helen Susan Idema to Scott T. Stragley and Tanya A. Crosby- Straley, part of block 28 of the recorded plat of Pleasant City or Suttonsburgh (now Village of Suttons Bay) (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Elisabeth W. Lane 2012 Revocable Trust to Ronald M. Burkhart and Jeany Burkhart, Trustees of the Ronald Burkhart and Jeany Burkart Joint Revocable Living Trust, one lot, Scenic Mountain View Estates, Cleveland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Cheryl Eldridge Cain Trust to Michael K. Brown and Janice M. Brown, one lot, Independence Hills, Bingham Township ($244,000).

David E. Miller and Cathy L. Scott- Miller to Andre Begosso and Amy Cannon, one lot, the Shores Subdivision, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Leonard F. McNeil Jr. Trust to Surender M. Chugh, two lots, Village of Provement (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

July 14

Thomas B. Bischoff to Thomas B. Bischoff and Gwen J. Bishoff Revocable Trust, interest in property located in Section 3, Leland Township.

Steven J. Cobb to Loreli A. Cobb, one lot, Cherry Home Subdivision, Leelanau Township.

Huntington National Bank to Allison T. Martinelli, Section 34, Leelanau Township (This entry appears three times).

Nancy J. Lanham to Nancy J. Lanham Revocable Living Trust, Section 21, Kasson Township.

Shandy A. Spencer, Trustee of the Shandy A. Spencer and Penny Jean Spencer Joint Living Trust to Shandy A. Spencer, Section 7, Centerville Township.

Marriages performed

Garen J. Wright and Cora E. Bye — July 12 in Glen Arbor.

Jacob A. Stollard and Michele A. Blanton — July 19 in Glen Arbor.

Ryan M. Abdoo and Trisha R. Manshaem — July 25 in Glen Arbor.

Philip P. Poll and Brittany N. Safford — July 26 in Leelanau Township.

Matias Stebbings and Ann L. Ragsdale — July 11 in Lake Leelanau.

Jeffrey F. Guttenberger and Cathy A. Bostwick — July 26 in Suttons Bay.

Clinton A. Herigstad and Lyndsay M. Lamoreaux — July 26 on Beaver Island.

Ryan W. Kilgren and Katrina N. Watson — July 26 in Northport.

Valentine P. Kapture and Kristi N. Cassar — July 26 in Leelanau Township.

Deaths recorded in county

Ina M. Edick, 79, of Solon Township, died July 24 in Solon Township.

Marjorie Hayes, 72, of Solon Township, died July 28 in Solon Township.

James M. Depper, 62, of Elmwood Township, died July 27 in Elmwood Township.

Aaron J. Schaub, 64, of Centerville Township, died July 1 in Centerville Township.

Marriage license applications filed

John B. Bechtold and Vitalija Feltner

Dwight E. Kilgore and Pamela R. Sedlacek

Eric C. Champ and Katherine D. Keller

Jonathan E. Mazer and Katherine P. Dillingham

Kenneth K. Kopczyk and Rebecca R. Reynolds

Christopher M. McCann and Malissa L. McNeil

Antony E. Reyes and Anastasia E. Kilanowski-Doroh

Kyle M. Cunningham and Patricia K. Baragar

David Q. Bergh and Sara A. Gahagar

Zachary A. Love and Sarah K. Beery

Joseph C.M. Zionskowski and Tiffany A. Morton

Penny Spencer to Shandy A. Spencer, Section 7, Centerville Township.

Mark J. Wysong and Sherrie Wysong to J.J. Rentals, LLC, Section 33, Elmwood Township ($213,715).

J.J. Rentals, LLC to 10201 E. Carter Rd., LLC, Section 33, Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Michael J. Sheehan, survivor of himself and Nancy P. Sheehan to Michael J. Sheehan and Dona L. Sheehan, Lot 27, Scenic Mountain View Estates, Cleveland Township

July 15

Fred C. Noonan and Karen Sue Noonan to Fred N. Heltenen and Geradine Simkins, Section 34, Kasson Township (This entry appears twice). Valuation Affidavit Filed.

July 16

John E. Boddy and Joan Boddy to Deborah Spathelf, two lots, Sugar Loaf Manor Green Subdivision, Centerville Township ($134,800).

Frank J. Winowiecki and Claudette A. Winowiecki to themselves and Melissa A. Skipski, Section 16, Solon Township.

Estate of Ruth L. Norton to Jonathan Norton, Section 33, Empire Township ($100,000).

New assumed names filed in county

Leelanau Women Artists; P.O. Box 273, Empire — By Jane Batteiger, 6206 S. Lake St., Glen Arbor; and Harriett Mittelberger, 11202 S. Golden Valley Dr., Empire.

Panek Auto Body and Restoration; 9444 S. Lake Leelanau Dr., Traverse City — By Jeffrey J. Panek, 9444 S. Lake Leelanau Dr., Traverse City.

Premier Marine Services; 8427 Fouch Road, Traverse City — By James A. Williams, 8107 E. Hoxie Road, Cedar.

Stone Circle Masonry; 9545 E. Grandview Road, Traverse City — By John I. Jaquish, 9545 E. Grandview Road, Traverse City.

Ted Klumpp Enterprises; 9022 Nelson St., Cedar — By Theodore J. Klumpp, 9022 Nelson St., P.O. Box 103, Cedar.

Tri County Maintenance; 600 E. Cemetery Road, Maple City — By Matthew K. Rice, 600 E. Cemetery Road, Maple City.

Walters Company; 5638 Good Harbor Trail, Cedar — By William E. Walters, 5638 Good Harbor Trail, Cedar.

Rediscovered Shooting Treasures; 6116 E. Harry’s Road, Traverse City — By Peter L. Zimmerman, 6116 E. Harry’s Road, Traverse City.

July 16

Kenneth R. Alsip and Amber E. Alsip, to John W. Elwell and Laura A. Elwell, Section 16, Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Thomas J. Donall Trust to Tony L. and Elizabeth F. Delyria, part of one lot, Brookwood Subdivision, Leland Townshp (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Estate of William S. Miller to Walter Krehbiel Meeker, Trustee of the Walter Krehbiel Meeker Trust Agreement, Section 14 Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

July 17

Gerd L. Moore, trustee of the Dennis M. and Gerd L. Moore Living Trust to Elijah L. Allen, Section 14, Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Michael J. Juntunen and Barbara E. Juntunen to themselves as Trustees of the Michael and Barbara Juntunen Living Trust, one unit, the Barkentine condominium, Village of Suttons Bay.

Dan E. Clarke and Nancy M. Clarke to Kimberly K. Feazel, Brett Earle Clarke and Gladah Mae Chandler, Section 1, Bingham Township.

Annie James to Michael and Elizabeth Kott, one lot, Leelanau Hills No. 1, Elmwood Township.

July 18

Nicole L. Phillips to Great Lakes IRA LLC, Cherry Square Condominium Development, Elmwood Township.

Sanborn Family Revocable Trust to JoEllen Sanborn, Section 5, Elmwood Township.

Doris M. Tolle to Doris M. Tolle, Joel C. Tolle, Brian V. Tolle and Barbara J. Tesarz, Section 2, Elmwood Township

Charles and Judith Care to Charles E. Care and Judith Care Trust, One unit, Timber Ridge Estates, Bingham Township.

Charles and Judith Care to Charles E. Care and Judith Care Trust, One unit, Bay Hill Site Condominium, Leland Township.

Maynard M. Abbott Trust and Marlene H. Abbott to Maynard M. Abbott and Marlene H. Abbott, Section 23, Kasson Township.

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