2014-10-09 / Leelanau Log

Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

Sept. 18

Emily A.K, Davis to the Emily Alana Kolb Davis Revocable Trust, Section 24, Empire Township.

Goran Family Real Estate Trust to Larry E. Stockline and Kathleen M. Stockline, one lot, Arrowhead Shores Subdivision, Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Richard A. Bandstra and Cynthia G. Bandstra to Isadore Properties, LLC, Section 29, Centerville Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Matthew L. Visser and Carissa Visser to Isadore Properties, LLC, Section 29, Centerville Township.

Margaret L. Dye, Trustee of the Margaret L. Dye Trust to John O. Ennis and Anita S. Ennis, Section 29, Empire Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Workum Family Partnership to Workum Family Cottage, LLC, Section 3, Leland Township.

Timothy G. Lewis, Trustee of the Timothy G. Lewis Trust to Timothy G. Lewis, Section 24, Empire Township.

Steven H. Sanborn to Joellen M. Sanborn, Section 3, Suttons Bay Township ($34.000).

Karen J. Fehrman to Mathew D. Esper and Health L. Esper, Section 28, Elmwood Township ($175,000).

Alfred Kwolek, William Kwolek and Margaret Frederick to Patricia A. Jasinski, one unit, Cedar Creek Commons, Condominiums, Elmwood Township ( ($191,000).

Philip A. Schirtzinger and Cathy S. Schirtzinger to Michael Huey, Section 8, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

William G. Laskey and Dona S. Laskey to Susan K. Baur, Section 16, Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Sept. 19

Thomas L. Goulding to himself and Joshua T. and Steven W. Goulding, Section 12, Empire Township.

John and Zachery Stanz to Amy and Matthew Ferry, Section 28, Empire Township ($55,000).

Roderick and Elizabeth Rice-Munro Living Trust to Robert Huffmaster, Section 3, Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Edward L. Newcomb Living Trust and Beverly J. Newcomb Living Trust to Raymond Huffmaster, Section 3, Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Sept. 22

Northland Church of the United Brethren in Christ to Church of United Brethren of Christ, U.S.A. Inc., Section 17, Elmwood Township.

Aaron K. Smith to Kevin and Perri Lewellen, Section 34, Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

Charles A. Hollman and Barbara J. Hollman to themselves and Susan Krieger, Section 31, Bingham Township.

Wayne H. McKinley, personal representative of William D. Barr Estate to Connie Nottke, one lot, Cedar Lake Gardens, Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

Lent Family Trust to David S. Lent, Section 8, Leelanau Township.

John M. Musselman to Southpaw Hollow, LLC, Section 28, Solon Township.

Sheryl Kammerer to Jason Buzinski, Section 14, Cleveland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

James Bach to Donald Shaw and Sharon Shaw, two lots, Section 8, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

Gail A. Spicer to Tim Q. Bottrell and Megan Bottrell, Section 17, Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

Patricia L. Heinhaus to Patricia L. Heinhaus Revocable Trust, one lot, Thorogoods Plat, Glen Arbor Township.

Sheila Campbell to Gerard and Annette Mansur, Section 9, Kasson Township ($9,000).

Sheila Campbell to Marilyn Flaskas, Section 9, Kasson Township ($3,000).

Sharon L. Baswell to Brandon Baswell and Matthew B. Baswell, two lots, Lake Bluffs Subdivision, Solon Township

Richard Holmes and Janet Schroeder-Holmes to Lance Bashi, one unit, Northport Highlands, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

Sept. 22

Carol E. Williams to Nancy L. Rodeheffert and David C. Williams, Section 10, Kasson Township.

Lawrence and Anita Heitman to Steven J. Byrne and Donna A. Byrne, one lot, Shumsky Shores, Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

Phyllis MacTavish, Cynthia McDermott and Kathleen G. Brown to Andrew and Ashley MacTavish, on lot, Harbor Hills West, Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

Matthew and Crystal Breithaupt to MC Investments LLC, Section 34, Kasson Township ($40,000).

Christopher Smit to Anita Smith, one unit, Cottonwood Condominiums, Elmwood Township

Leelanau Highlands LLC to Lucinda G. and David M. Stave, one unit, Leelanau Highlands, Elmwood Township ($32.000).

Three Rivers Properties, LLC to Douglas Jester and Colleen Barry, on lot, The Shores, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed.)

Sept. 23

Deborah Ridenour to K. Wade Walker Revocable Trust, partial interest, one unit, LeBear Condominium Resort, Glen Arbor Township ($165,000)

Agnes M. Niemi to Amanda and Don Loeffler, Section 31, Solon Township ($252,000).

Sept. 24

John J. Courits to Brenda J. Courtis, Section 21, Solon Township ($50,000).

Quercas Alba to Pamela J. Murray Revocable Living Trust, two lots, New Neighborhood, Village of Empire ($91,000).

Sept. 25

Reinder Zonderman and Bonny L. Everett to Angela L. Zonderman, Section 8, Bingham Township.

Aimee A. Williams to James B. Williams and Aimee A. Williams, one lot, Village of Suttonsburg, now known as Suttons Bay.

George L. Stringer and Constance D. Stringer to George L. Stringer and Constance D. Stringer, trustees of The Stringer Living Trust, one lot, Knorrwood Bluffs, Suttons Bay Township.

Sept. 26

Thomas G. Danz and Laura Danz to Mark L. Bildeaux and Gwendolyn K. Bildeaux, one unit, Hill Valley Neighborhood, City of Traverse City, ($45,000).

Doris Ann Brucker Revocable Trust to Lisa Vanloo, one lot, Leelanau Hills Subdivision No. 1, Elmwood Township ($157,500).

Glen Lake Properties, LLC to Charles and Celeste Crouch, Section 23, Glen Arbor Township.

Sept. 29

Jonathan G. Penn to himself and Carol S. Penn, one unit, Bay Hill Condominium, Leland Township.

Garner Leroy Hall and Doris Jean Hall to Kenneth C. and Anne M. Hall, one unit, The Harbor of Traverse City Condominium, Elmwood Township. (This entry appears twice.)

Elizabeth Two Crow to herself, one lot, Village of Northport

Robin J. Ling Revocable Trust to RJL Investments, LLC, one lot, Village of Leland.

Victor Patrick Trierweiler and Donna Trierweiler to Victor Patrick Trierweiler and Donna Jean Trierweiler Living Trust, one lot, Grand View Terrace, Section 28, Elmwood Township.

Sept. 30

Alexander J. Farkas and Frances L. Farkas to Daniel Oberski and Rosemary Oberski Revocable Living Trust, one lot, Four Seasons, Bingham Township ($277,500).

Timothy G. Lewis to himself and Alexa Deising, Section 24, Empire Township.

Egeler Brothers Farm LLC to Michael Egeler, Section 13, Suttons Bay Township.

Egeler Brothers Farm LLC to Helen Egeler, Section 1, Leland Township.

Helen Egeler to Michael Egeler and Tammy Fewins, Section 1, Leland Township.

Deaths recorded in county

Glenn L. Brown, 77, of Leelanau Township, died Sept. 20 in Leelanau Township.

Robert L. Bierley, 77, of Bingham Township, died Sept. 21 in Bingham Township.

Marriage license applications filed

Jason A. Masingo and Angela K. Lewison

Robert B. Morley Jr. and Tina M. Jolly

Trevor R. Viane and Amanda L. Rhein

Marriages performed

Joseph R. Campo and Margret E. Bell — Sept. 20 in Peninsula Township.

Jacob C. Hardy and Ashley D. Grzybowski — Sept. 20 in Kewadin.

Clifford W. Lawhorn Jr. and Emily K. Weaver — Sept. 20 in Lake Leelanau.

Christopher D. Hinds and Stephanie A. Lynn — Sept. 13 in Empire Township.

Arlen H. Ginsburg and Courtney A. Laughton Tysell — Sept. 20 in Glen Arbor.

New assumed names filed in county

BG Fit; 236 Chandler St., Leland — By Bobby Geiger, P.O. Box 922, Leland.

Docks “R” Us; 8528 S. Lake Shore Dr., Cedar — By Brent Garvin, 8528 S. Lake Shore Dr., Cedar.

Domurot Design; 8417 N. Gills Pier Road, Northport — By Virginia Domurot Erb, 8417 N. Gills Pier Road, Northport.

Spectrum Painting & Maintenance; 8278 S. Bohemian Road, Maple City — By Mark Sienkiewicz, 8278 S. Bohemian Road, Maple City.

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