2014-10-09 / Letters

Shameful rightwing distortion ads

To the Editor:

So, with many others, I’m watching my weekend sports shows. Over the course of these shows we get bombarded with political ads, most from the right wing side of the spectrum. These are also those anti ads, the kind that are intended to cast bad light on a particular candidate as opposed to extolling the virtues of the opposition.

The latest Jerry Cannon trash ad tries to paint Jerry as supporting the Affordable Care Act BECAUSE he has received money from Nancy Pelosi, trying to paint him as being bought into the liberal camp.

As an active and long term volunteer for Jerry, I know this claim to be absolutely false. Yes Jerry supports the ACA. Yes Jerry has taken money from high level Democratic donors. To say, however, that Jerry now supports certain positions because of these donations is a shameful lie.

Are the Republicans really so fearful of Jerry and so disrespectful of the intelligence of the electorate that they have to resort to these kinds of distortions to further their agenda? It must be that they are.

Don’t buy into this shameful trap. Believe what you will. But know that Jerry’s views aren’t bought.

Bill Brown

Valley Drive

Traverse City

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