2014-10-09 / Letters

Vote to restore integrity in government

To the Editor:

Though Michigan voters are aware that pensions are now being taxed, the homestead exemption has been eliminated, and unemployed compensation has been cut, while six-figure salary increases have been awarded to a few state executives, voters are less well informed of fundamental weakening of laws protecting our globally unique Great Lakes, rivers, streams and dunes.

In the last four years, Michigan’s notable legacy of natural resource stewardship and environmental protection has been substantially weakened. Few are aware that the state has terminated oversight of Michigan’s 3,288 miles of coastline above the high water mark or that Michigan’s nationleading wetland protection act has been weakened. Nor do most Michiganders realize that laws protecting Michigan’s coastal sand dunes have been eviscerated or that our state’s industrial pollution and underground storage tank regulations have been substantially weakened. The Snyder administration also directed the DEQ to revise the air permit of Severstal Steel to match its emissions after the DEQ had issued 38 notices of statutory violations.

These occurrences and many others, all matters of public record, point to an administration that has repeated breached the public’s trust and undermined basic standards of integrity we all expect from government. Please vote on Nov. 2.

Brigid Hart
N. Island View Drive, Northport

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