2014-10-16 / Letters

Brewery will partition taproom for special Halloween night

To the Editor:

Dear Mike,

Thank you for expressing your thoughtful opinion in this weeks copy of the Enterprise regarding Northport village leaders decision to serve hot dogs on the Northport Brewing patio during our Halloween activities rather than the village parking lot next door.

Being a parent of two small children, as well as a volunteer coach to an exceptional team of U8 soccer players in the Leelanau soccer club, I too am an advocate of always providing a safe and healthy environment to all the younger members of our beloved community.

It is well known that the patio is and has long been used by the community as a gathering spot to many similar holiday activities. As new stewards of this location, we wish to keep our patio available to the public for special events and holidays.

Northport Brewing’s policy is to partition our taproom and patio during the hours in which such events are taking place. This will mean that no beer will be sold or consumed on the patio during the hours of special community events.

To be clear, on Friday, Oct. 31, Northport Brewing will host our village leaders while they serve free hot dogs and cider on our patio from 4-7 p.m. Your column implied that free beer would be available. This is illegal and was never proposed. During these hours the taproom (we are not a full service bar) will be segregated from the patio and our patrons will not be allowed to consume beer on the patio. This was decided shortly after the village meeting on Oct. 2 when Barb Von Voigtlander reached out to Northport Brewing bringing the concerns of a few Northport residents.

The partners of Northport Brewing thank the community for their continued support.

Scott Cain, partner, brewer and manager

Northport Brewing

Nagonaba St., Northport

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