2014-11-06 / Leelanau Log

leelanau log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

Oct. 23

Spectrum Health Foundation to James E. Doolittle and Suzette Doolittle, one lot, Nabawnaga Shores, Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Gary J. Dluge and Holly A. Dluge to Heather M. Pineda, one lot, Outback Ridge, Elmwood Township

Billie J. Gardner to herself as Trustee of the Bill J. Gardner Living Trust, Section 25, Kasson Township.

Lorraine H. Zientek Revocable Living Trust to Lorraine H. Zientek, Section 23, Kasson Township.

Lorraine H. Zientek to Mark W. and Pamela J. Zientek, Section 23, Kasson Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Darrell A. Huschke and Martha J. Huschke, co-trustees of The Huschke Living Trust to Douglas B. Hutchinson Revocable Living Trust and Eileen M. Gannon Revocable Trust Agreement, Section 6, Empire Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Mark S. Johnson and Marilyn F. Johnson to Indu Rekha Meesa, one unit, Hawk’s Nest condominium, Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Gerald L. Hoffman and Patricia G. Hoffman to Joel P. Mitchell and Melissa N. Mitchell, one unit, Beach Walk, Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Carole Jones; John P. Czyrka and Barbara Czyrka; Evelina Brent; Michael Czyrka and Karol Czyrka and Steve Czyrka and Amy Marie Czryrka to Michael J. Clay and Jodi M. Clay, Section 23, Cleveland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Oct. 24

Carole Del Benjamin to Mark Stange, Lynn Stange, Michael R. Stange, Marshall Stange, Leigh E. Dobek and Lisa Harwood, Section 11, Cleveland Township ($36,000).

Patricia L. Stange to Mark Stange, Lynn Stange, Michael Stange, Marshall Stage, Leslie Harwood, Section 11, Cleveland Township.

Duane C. Berkompas and Susan Berkompas to themselves and Susan E. Berkompas Trust, one lot, Gittleman Heights, Bingham Township.

Bruce W. and Betsey Price to Mountain Harbor, LLC, Section 24, Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Oct. 27

Donald F. VanThomme and Tina M. VanThomme to Donald F. VanThomme Living Trust and Tina M. VanThomme Trust, Section 27, Suttons Bay Township.

Alvo Cherne and Linda Cherne, trustees of the Alvo R. and Linda J. Cherne Family Trust to Eugene and Kathrine Garthe, Section 34, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Oswald U. Anders and Edith M. Anders to Oswald U. Anders, Edith Anders, Peter Anders, Carl Angers, and Edgar Anders, one lot, Village of Empire.

Todd M. Gillissie to Lawrence F. Van Egeren and Marilyn A. Zeitlin, one lot, Outback Ridge No. 3, Elmwood Township ($394,000).

Diane Oliver, trustee of the Diana K Oliver Revocable Trust to Janice L. Brown, Section 16 and 17, Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Suzanne E. Thomson and Diane M. Gunn to Suzanne E. Thomson, one unit, Ridge Top Condominium, Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

John J. Findlater to himself and Christopher F. Howley, one lot, Cherry Home Subdivision, Leelanau Township.

The Robinson Family Development LLC to Megan G. VanderKolk Revocable Trust, one unit, Hill Valley Neighborhood, City of Traverse City ($68,000).

Robinson Family Storage Unit Development LLC to Theresa W. Mulcahy, one unit, Solon Township ($31,000).

Robinson Family Storage Unit Development LLC to Golden Shores, Inc. one unit, Solon Township ($31,900).

Lois A. Bahle, Trustee of the Lois Bahle Revocable Living Trust, to Cynthia A. Goodrick, Section 29, Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Roger and Davis Noonan, successor co-trustees of the Glen M. Noonan Revocable Living Trust to Michael and Deborah Riness, Section 33, Solon Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Jan Maughiman and Jill Moreno to Philip and Sharman Caffrey, one lot Nabawnaga Shores, Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Kathleen A. Hulett and Alvin D. Hulett to Joseph DeFors and Janis Rygwelski, Section 21, Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit Filed).

Christopher Lopez to Kathleen Hulette, Section 5, Elmwood Township ($186,000).

Robert and Beatric Drury to Just S Hills, one lot Nabawnga Shores, ($55,000).

Marriages performed

Michael P. Adams and Denise L. Williams — Oct. 4 in Rothbury.

Matthew T. Strouble and Laura N. Feagin — Oct. 11 in Leelanau Township.

Paul S. Fialon and Cathleen R. Anthofer — Oct. 23 in Suttons Bay.

Deaths recorded in county

Allan K. Noonan, 67, of Kasson Township, died Oct. 17 in Kasson Township.

Frank D. Allen, 77, of Solon Township, died Oct. 22 in Solon Township.

James P. Rokita, 67, of Bingham Township, died Oct. 25 in Suttons Bay.

New assumed names filed in county

All-Ways Travels; 780 E. Sand Hill Dr., Cedar — By Dana Wichtoski, 780 E. Sand Hill Dr., Cedar.

Breezy Meadows Farm; 7257 E. Hoxie Road, Cedar — By Kimberly Creamer, 7257 E. Hoxie Road, Cedar.

Cy Daedalus Books; 6525 N. Omigisi Beach Road, Northport — By Cory Oldweiler, P.O. Box 232, Leland.

Great Lakes Research; 4185 S. Fairway Dr., Cedar — By James R. Harris Jr., P.O. Box 89, Leland.

Kind Care; 607 N. Ransom St., Northport — By Nance L. Schuman, 607 N. Ransom St., Northport.

L. Saile; 9044 S. Kasson St., Cedar — By Elizabeth Saile, P.O. Box 31, Cedar.

Michael Leggett Electrical Contracting; 7455 E. Traverse Hwy., M-72 West, Traverse City — By Michael Leggett, 7455 E. Traverse Hwy., M-72 West, Traverse City.

NorthBayFit Fitness Studio; 6360 E. Lingaur Road, Lake Leelanau — By Ian Cardenas, 6360 E. Lingaur Road, Lake Leelanau.

Patrick Curley Painting; 7606 E. Birch Point Road, Traverse City — By Patrick Curley, 7606 E. Birch Point Road, Traverse City.

Williams Orchards, 3055 Sullivan St., Cedar — By Gregory A. Williams, P.O. Box 24, 3055 Sullivan St., Cedar.

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