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Inappropriate way to cover Glen Lake tragedy

To the Editor:

Regarding Alan Campbell’s Oct. 30 column about Glen Lake school and the handling of information in the aftermath of a tragic accident, I feel it was inappropriate for the Enterprise to send the wife of the prosecuting attorney in what will undoubtedly become a court matter to cover an event related to the tragedy. What was the Enterprise thinking?

Mary Sharry

P.O. Box 95


Editor’s note:

I appreciate your thoughts. There are times when we as a staff do struggle with assignments because Mr. Hubble is the county Prosecuting Attorney and Mrs. Hubbell is our longest-serving editorial staff writer. But I had no problem with Amy covering the funeral of Drake Hendershot and writing a story about a grieving process within the Glen Lake community. She is our beat writer for Glen Lake Community Schools, and her coverage did not involve the investigation into the accident or possible criminal charges that might result.

In fact, those two, at times competing, story lines have made coverage difficult. On the one side, you have good, young men full of potential who made poor decisions on one particular night. On the other side is the tragic loss of two beloved community members due to what the prosecutor has determined was a criminal act. We try as a newspaper and as a community to separate the story lines in search of clarity, but in reality they will be forever intertwined.

— Alan Campbell

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