2014-11-06 / Letters

Workers need a decent living wage

To the Editor:

I frequently hear politicians on both sides say that they are going to create jobs. The recent Proposal 1 which eliminated business personal property taxes was worded to include “create jobs” to trick people into voting yes.

Tax cuts and reduced regulations create profit, not jobs. Consumer demand creates jobs. If a business is operating at only half capacity, that owner will likely lay off employees not hire more. It is only when the business is operating at full capacity that new employees will be hired to keep up with demand. How do we increase consumer demand?

Consumers need the wages to buy those goods and services. The poverty level in 2014 for a family of four is $23,850. To get above the poverty line, the minimum wage would have to be $11.50 per hour x 40 hrs per week x 52 weeks per year.

In an effort to head off a ballot proposal, Michigan legislators raised the minimum wage to $8.15 per hour effective Sept. 1, 2014. By 2018, incremental raises will equal $9.25 per hour, which guarantees those making minimum wage will remain in poverty for at least the next four years. Workers need a living wage!

Beverly (BJ) Christensen

S. Cedar Rd., Cedar

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