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Governor’s race for 2018 in the works for these 5

By Tim Skubick

There were five politicians watching very closely the outcome of this incredibility close race for governor because as it went, so did their future political careers.

The five were Mark Hackel, Mike Duggan, Gretchen Whitmer, Bill Schuette and Brian Calley.

Here was their thinking before the votes were counted. If Mark Schauer won, Mr. Hackel, Mr. Duggan and Ms. Whitmer would take a powder on running for governor in four years or maybe even eight assuming Mr. Schauer sought a second term.

If he lost, the pundit class would have allowed the ink to dry on the results for maybe a week but then it will be onto the next governor’s race in 2018 and the Democratic trio would be at the very top of the speculation list.

Macomb County executive Mr. Hackel has never ruled it out and has neatly positioned himself as the guy who can work with both sides and is not partisan to a fault. In fact many Democrats find fault with his, “I don’t play partisan games” attitude.

You’ll recall it was Mr. Hackel who made headlines when he first said he was not sure he would endorse in the race for governor. After all he noted he had a pretty good working relationship with Gov. Snyder and he was not that familiar with Mr. Schauer.

That eventually changed and Mr. Hackel not only endorsed the Democratic candidate but the two campaigned together in vote rich Macomb County. Democrats will remember that and it can’t hurt Mr. H. if he eventually runs for governor which he has flirted with for years.

Detroit Mayor Mr. Duggan, when the next gov’s race rolls around, will have a resume that suggests he helped to saved Motown with his no-nonsense, take no hostages style of governing. His deceased mentor, former Wayne County executive will find a way to send a missive from heaven that his protégé should run.

What else needs to be said about Ms. Whitmer, who must keep her name in the public eye after she leaves her leadership post in the state senate. Everyone knows she’s been flirting with a bid for statewide office for years and with her daughters being older in four years, you can easily see her getting in as she has never ruled it out either.

The pre-election thinking on the Republican side was this: If Gov. Snyder loses and Attorney General Bill Schuette wins, he continues his methodical crawl to the governor’s office, which is about the only post he has not held. It’s the worse kept secret in town that the ambitious and savvy Mr. Schuette wants to measure the drapes in the executive office.

But supposedly so does Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All this speculating about the next race for governor is crazy but that’s the world we live in. Please deal with it.

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