2015-05-07 / Letters

Board chair exceeds authority

To the Editor:

As County Administrator, Mr. Chet Janik reports to the County Commissioner Board and receives an annual review, which most employees do. Kudos to the Board for their diligence every year to uphold this important practice. And kudos to Mr. Janik for the good marks he received on his recent review.

The result of this review were disclosed at the April 21 County Commissioner meeting. As I sat in the audience at the meeting I was disturbed to hear a report by our County Commissioner Chair, Carolyn “Peachy” Rentenbach, that she had requested, without discussion or approval from the rest of the Board, an additional review of Mr. Janik from County department heads; both employees of the County and elected officials.

Mrs. Rentenbach has been led down the same path as the President of our nation, thinking they can do whatever they want! She does not reside over a kingdom. She must adhere to the principles and practices of working as a County Commission. As Chair, “Peachy” does not have the unilateral authority to make a request of the County department heads, or any other task, without discussing or approval of the rest of the Commission.

My point here may seem trite to some, but if left unchecked, this misuse of “power” could grow to other, more significant actions. Please don’t get in the habit of doing this, Peachy.

Karan Josephus
S West Bayshore Drive
Bingham Twp.

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