2015-05-07 / Views

Water level ups and downs

Remember the Maytag repairman? Gerald Culman might want his job.

Mr. Culman has for decades kept track of the Lake Leelanau water level. So when the lake’s too high, he gets calls. They came in droves — like the rain — last fall.

And when it’s low, as it is right now, he gets calls. There is no water coming over the Leland dam, which for the time being makes it more like a dike.

We sympathize with Mr. Culman. He’s like a baker creating a recipe, as Mother Nature has thrown floods and an extremely dry spring at him during the course of the last nine months. The drastic change seems unprecedented — at least among the memories of current residents.

But showers are expected this weekend, which should make everybody happy. And how many times can you say that?

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