2015-08-06 / Letters

Obama's solution costs middle class jobs

To the Editor:

Here is some of the math behind President Obama’s recent plan to insignifi cantly reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The USA produces 5% of the manmade CO2, so a “possible” reduction of 32% over 15 years is reducing the problem by 1.5% but costing middle class jobs and further shrinking our economy. Until he makes a proposal which will cause China and India to clean up their act, he’s spitting in the Ocean and claiming to raise the tide.

John McCombs
Highview, Traverse City

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No math is better than bad

No math is better than bad math. Scientists have said the plan is necessary to stave off climate catastrophe and research shows that it will actually lower people’s energy costs. A study found that energy bills in 2030 could be $35 per month lower under a “Clean Energy Future” scenario as compared to business-as-usual. The collateral benefits of the plan include lower electricity bills, greater GDP growth, and significant reductions in SO2, NOx, and mercury emissions.