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Health regulator now lobbyist

One result of the Obama era is that big government and big business are often conjoined twins. For the latest proof, the health insurance industry has hired its chief regulator and patron as its new chief lobbyist.

(Last) week America’s Health Insurance Plans announced that Marilyn Tavenner will be the trade group’s new CEO. Her previous gig was running CMS, the agency in charge of Medicare, Medicaid and the ObamaCare exchanges. As acting and then confirmed CMS administrator since 2011, Ms. Tavenner presided over a bureaucracy with a budget larger than the Pentagon’s and drafted the ObamaCare rules that dictate insurance business models.

So other than President Obama, there is no better candidate than Ms. Tavenner to lead the insurance lobby in the era of ObamaCare. The law was a vast transfer of wealth and power to the political class from markets, and the big insurance conglomerates were the brokers of this bargain in return for more subsidized customers.

Ms. Tavenner will now steer her members through her own regulatory creations as rules beget more rules ...

— from the Wall Street Journal

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