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Looking Back in Leelanau…

September 9, 2010

It appears that the race for the 101st District state House seat will be just as expensive as it was in 2008 when Dan Scripps (D-Leland) made history by becoming the first Democrat ever to win that seat, defeating Ray Franz (R-Onekama). Scripps and Franz will face a rematch on Nov. 2.

* * *

The county Road Commission will replace the County Road 651 bridge over Victoria Creek, a project that is expected to close down a key north-south route for Leelanau County motorists for 2-3 months. The project is estimated to cost $310,000 and will be funded primarily with Road Commission funds.

* * *

First-day counts indicate that enrollment at county public schools appears to be stable, perhaps signaling the end to a steady outflow of students that has led to a 22 percent drop in the number of school-age children attending public schools on the peninsula over the past 10 years.

September 8, 2005

Given the choice of paying more for gas or giving up their slips, boaters in Leelanau County appeared to have reached a compromise this summer. Boating, according to Leelanau County harbor masters, has remained popular, although many boat owners may be spending more time in marinas than on the big lake.

* * *

Nine tons of food, hygiene products and diapers have been sent to the Gulf Coast by donors from Leelanau County in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana last week.

* * *

A wine bill that barreled through the state House last week may get corked in the state Senate. State Sen. Michelle McManus (R-Lake Leelanau) said that she has been given the go-ahead by Senate majority leader Ken Sikkema to eliminate key elements of the bill that, should they be enacted, would severely hamper Leelanau County’s youthful winery industry.

September 11, 1980

A 2 year, 1/2-mill request to raise approximately $145,000 each year to finance road repairs and snow removal operations will face Leelanau County voters this fall. The millage request received unanimous approval Tuesday from the County Road Commission to be placed on the Nov. 4 ballot. Road Commission officials outlined budget problems caused by increasing costs and shrinking revenues.

* * *

A “scorecard” may soon be needed to keep track of the owner(s) of North Fox Island. Documents filed with the county last week state that the Trust Company of Virgin Islands Limited and the North Fox Island Co. both claim an interest in or ownership of the island, which is located off the Leelanau Peninsula in Leelanau Township.

* * *

The first step toward disposing of the vacated Air Force buildings near Empire comes Tuesday when federal officials gather to hear two requests for use of the former radar facility. The installation includes 87 acres with 9 family housing units and 20 other buildings, including barracks, storage facilities, a bowling alley, dining quarters and other units.

September 8, 1955

Staff Sergeant James P. Flohe, son of the Emil Flohes of Lake Leelanau, was one of the four man Air Force crew which buzzed nonstop across the country Sunday at more than 589 mph to win the General Electric trophy. The transcontinental speed race began at March Air Force Base, Riverside at Calif., and ended at the national air show in Philadelphia.

* * *

Dogs who pursue the illegal sport of chasing deer near Suttons Bay have found one big doe who refuses to be chased. She makes the dogs run. Einer Peterson says the doe ranges in the hills near the Frigid Foods plant and that she was known to chase dogs frequently both last summer and this. One surprised dog, pursued by the angry doe, sought refuge under Mr. Peterson’s tractor. The deer came within 10 feet of the tractor, gave the dog a “don’t try that stuff with me any more” look, and trotted back into the hills.

* * *

Empire and Northport, battling for the championship in the Leelanau County Independent Baseball League, both won play-off games Sunday.

September 5, 1895

Capt. Graham of the steamer Grace Williams of Omena was lost overboard in the gale of Saturday morning near Good Harbor. He was called forward, and on his way there from the cabin it is supposed he was washed overboard by the heavy sea. The boat turned back, but nothing could be seen of him, and up to date his body has not been recovered.

* * *

The case of Geo. Bilow vs. Leland Lumber Co. occupied three days in Justice Barton’s court last week. The first jury could not agree, but the second jury brought in a verdict of “no cause for action.” Mr. Bilow was a sawyer in the company’s mill and filed the suit. He sued for overtime.

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