2015-09-10 / Letters

Foundation has helped Conservancy

To the Editor:

This week the Leelanau Township Community Foundation celebrates 70 years of good works. The Foundation has supported over 100 local organizations, including the Leelanau Conservancy. In 1991, we asked the Foundation to help us protect a local gem: the Kehl Lake Natural Area. They responded with a generous $5,000 donation, and since then, hundreds of residents and visitors alike have enjoyed this beautiful place. Four years later, the Foundation granted $1,500 to our Gull Island project, helping to make it a sanctuary for the herring gulls, which nest on the island from April to June.

We could not be more grateful to the Foundation for all it does to make life better for those who live in or visit Leelanau Township, and congratulate all who have been involved on reaching 70 years of inspiring work for this wonderful community.

Tom Nelson
Executive Director,
Leelanau Conservancy
First Street, Leland

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