2015-09-10 / Letters

Planned Parent videos should give pause for reflection

To the Editor:

I am hoping that all abortion supporters have now had the time to view the recently released Planned Parenthood videos displaying the murder and dissection of living human babies that goes on there. I hope upon viewing they are reflecting as they look in the mirror each morning and truly have a heartfelt discussion with themselves or God to the wrongs being committed. Nobody with a heart, a soul. or being a good member of the human race can support the genocide being committed. Against the most defenseless of God’s creations,,, babies!

Hitler and Josef Mengele were known for such evils. Besides the killing of six million Jews, they experimented and murdered countless children. America should realize with medical advancements that we do not want to follow in the hatred and evil of those individuals. Further, the “health” of a woman should not include an unrestricted ability to murder her unborn children.

Brian Spencer
N. Long Lake Rd.
Traverse City

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