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Alternative to the Iran deal is war

To the Editor:

A critic of my support for the Iran Deal passionately deplores Iran’s sponsorship of terror (“Iran Supports Terrorists so Don’t Back Iran”). So do I. But the question remains: is it suffi- cient reason to reject an agreement narrowly focused on nuclear capability? Do we say: no deal until you abandon all these other bad things?

Which leads to the question of alternatives. The writer lists four, but one requires going back to 2009 and the other (“stop waiving sanctions”) requires stopping what hasn’t started. The two that are left are really one plan: drop the deal, apply more coercion — sanctions, threats — and “renegotiate.” But there are important reasons why this won’t work. Here are two.

Our loss of respect as a negotiator. My critic says “Big whoop.” But it is a big whoop. If, after all the work that went into this deal, Congress can kill it, who in their right mind would start again? Certainly not our six European co-signatories. And certainly not Iran. They may be bad, but they’re not stupid.

The blow to Iranian moderates. My critic writes that there are no moderate Iranians. But Rouhani won the 2013 election specifically as a moderate against the hard-line conservative pick. He opened up these negotiations at great personal risk. Should they fail, power will pass into the hands of mullahs who, like congressional Republicans, have never liked the deal.

There are more arguments, but here’s my main point: should this deal fail, there will be no more negotiating and the only alternative will be an attack on Iran. We know that Israel has a plan in the works. Once it’s unleashed, Iran, with its national pride in the global spotlight, will most definitely fight back. And that’s when we will be brought into another long war.

Porter Abbott
Gills Pier Rd

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Trying to get people who do

Trying to get people who do not support the Iran deal to understand is like teaching a pig to fly. It waste's the time of the one attempting to teach and frustrates the pig. Don't waste your time.