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Sending back ‘illegals’ would have consequences

To the Editor:

It’s true. Donald Trump’s campaign commercials have now reached Northern Michigan televisions.

While his exact policies remain a mystery, Donald Trump has been crystal clear on one subject : immigration.

Trump’s plan sounds logical; deport everyone who shouldn’t be in this country and give those “new” jobs to people who were born here. Boom. Done. Problem solved. America. Great Again.

In practice, Trump’s immigration policy is flawed and would have a counter-intuitive affect. Removing a large segment of entry level workers could be devastating to employers in multiple industries, including agriculture in Leelanau County. Trump’s plan to carry out his immigration policy is even more troubling, citing a “Deportation Force” that will traverse the nation, rounding up “illegals” wherever they may hide.

Sounds alarmingly like Storm Troopers, and I’m not referring to the George Lucas variety. Imagine one of these Deportation Squads rolling down your road, stopping at your neighbor’s house, or tearing through your favorite orchard. Is that a policy any of us want associated with or enforced our beloved county?

The grapes and apples aren’t magically turned into wine and cider. Someone has to pick those crops, and English might not be that someone’s first language. If we want to continue to enjoy the bounty of Leelanau County, we owe it to ourselves and our county to not only reject Donald Trump’s stance on immigration, but to reject any political candidate who endorses Trump and his policies.

Joe Symons
Pobuda Rd.
Suttons Bay

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As one who owns orchards, I

As one who owns orchards, I agree. The policy proposed by Mr Trump would hurt us.

Yup, let's keep those wine

Yup, let's keep those wine glasses full. It would be a tragedy if 5 o'clock rolled around and I didn't have my wine!