2016-09-22 / Letters

Getsinger has skills for County Board

To the Editor:

I urge you to vote for Dana (Sam) Getsinger for county commissioner. Dana has the skills, work ethic, values, and integrity to do an outstanding job for Leelanau County. She is a retired award winning teacher with a lifelong interest in improving the lot of working families. Her major goals for Leelanau County include early childhood education, creating more affordable housing, balancing economic growth with preservation of the county’s natural beauty, fiscal responsibility and transparency, and promoting civility in government. Dana is a good listener as well as a tireless advocate for practical solutions to the county’s problems.

Tom Gutowski
S. Lakeview Rd.
Elmwood Township

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Wow early childhood education

Wow early childhood education ??? For what all the 60 - 90 year old ?? She obviously knows nothing of Leelanau's Demographics !