2016-09-22 / Letters

Hillary will not be a conservative

To the Editor:

If you’re a Republican, Hillary will never support anything for which you stand. A non-vote is a passive vote for the same direction we’ve seen for the past eight years. I will not sit home on election day because Trump isn’t perfect. I don’t like what I’ve seen in the Obama White House and the changes brought about in this country. I don’t want Hillary picking the next two or three Supreme Court justices.

Politicos fear a Trump victory will end their taxpayer-funded lifestyle. If they win, America loses. Trump fits the time we live in now.

Carole Underwood
W. Harbor Hwy., Maple City

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This letter is but one

This letter is but one example of how tormented I find our area to be. Have they been in some type of cocoon or away from reality for some time?