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League of voters trying to inform the electorate

To the Editor:

In a recent article in the Enterprise, Gery Zemaitis was reported as saying that at forums sponsored by the League of Women Voters he had witnessed question screeners with typed questions on cards distributed to audience members. In a letter responding to this allegation, I noted that I had volunteered many times at League sponsored forums, and never observed anyone distributing questions to audience members. I then said, “I wonder whether Mr. Zemaitis has any concrete evidence to back up this accusation.”

In a forum in (the) Enterprise, Mr. Zemaitis responds to my implicit question with the following: “I have provided the Enterprise with copies of all the months of efforts and communications with the Democratic Party and the League of Women Voters regarding the pending debates, including a CD voice recording of our one-hour long meeting on July 11 with Marian Kromkowski.” But this is a complete non-sequitor – what Zemaitis says does not address my question, which remains unanswered.

Zemaitis also notes that the LWV describes itself as a political organization, and as non-partisan. To this Zemaitis says – “You can’t have it both ways.” But you can. The LWV is political because they try to help the electorate be as informed as possible on political issues. But they are non-partisan because they never support any political party or its candidates. As a friend has pointed out, independent voters are also examples of people who act in politics, but who are non-partisan.

Barbara Abbott
E. Horn Rd., Lake Leelanau

Editor’s note: The author is a member of the League of Women Voters Leelanau County.

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Sorry Barb, it is well known

Sorry Barb, it is well known throughout the country the LWV has been taken over by Dems. Can I sell you my oil well in my backyard?

The League does a great

The League does a great service and bless them for their work.