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Long list of problems caused by Clintons

To the Editor:

Obama’s urgent $800B infrastructure “Stimulus” became Obama’s “joke” on unsuspecting Americans, “Shovel- Ready Was Not as Shovel- Ready as Expected.” Democrat benefactors benefited, not roads and bridges. Taxpayers paid, benefactors played, appreciation donations flooded Democrat coffers, Obama’s $800B “joke!”

“Stronger Together” Hillary’s proposing a “permanent National Infrastructure Bank” reinventing Obama’s stimulus. “Permanent… Bank” perpetually bankrolling taxpayers money to Hillary’s guardianship?

“Qualified” Hillary’s State Department recordkeeping “misplaced $6B.” “Congenital liar” Hillary’s emails evaporated. “Experienced” Hillary’s “extremely negligent” illegal server “seriously endangered Americans security.” “Fighting for Us” feminist Hillary vilified prowling predator Bill’s molested victims.

While America’s overwhelmed with insurmountable debt, unemployment, drugs, poverty and fatherless abandoned children, sanctimonious Obama’s sabotaging every American with open borders beckoning criminals, terrorists, and stampeding multitudes anticipating amnesty… joining Obama’s “unverifiable” charity-ward refugees, consuming Americans insolvent benefits and evaporating jobs, sabotaging Americas workforce and taxpayers, sabotaging 94,409,233 unemployed Americans. America’s suicide pack.

Democrats preferred constituency, a permanent underclass. Taxpayers provide benefits, unscrupulous Democrats blame “racist xenophobic bigoted” Republicans, while generations languish under manipulating Democrats incompetency or intentionally undermined domination… for decades.

Sanctimonious Hillary’s “friend and mentor” racist segregationist KKK clansman Senator Bird filibustered civil rights! Bill eloquently lionized his racist segregationist “mentor” Senator Fulbright. Family friend, racist segregationist Governor Faubus, blocked integrating schoolchildren, requiring National Guard intervention. Governor Clinton (1987) signed Act 116 “commemorating Confederate States,” celebrated annually. Democrats “basket of deplorables.”

Illegal’s wellbeing supersedes Americans wellbeing, illegal sanctuary cities shelter illegal felons, illegal’s vote with Democrats blessings usurping Americans vote. Law enforcement’s vilified, Americas military downsized. Worldwide terrorism’s increasing, Obama hands Iran $1.7B for ransoms, $150B for “death to America” nukes/ terrorism.

Hillary’s measuring Oval Office drapes while promising to continue bodyguard Obama’s “basket of deplorables” unconstitutional Autocracy, prevailing illegality, crooked cronyism, sabotaging America’s citizens. Translation, “dereliction of duty” aka Americas suicide pack.

Mary L. Bowen
P.O. Box 116, Omena

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I'm up for a feature article

I'm up for a feature article about Mary. I picture her twitching when she rants.

Good grief, would someone - a

Good grief, would someone - a relative, a friend, a concerned citizen - help this poor tortured soul? She desperately needs help.