2016-09-22 / Letters

Taking complaints only if you vote

To the Editor:

The American way of life has been forged over hundreds of years by a variety of people who created the amalgam of social order and safety we enjoy to this day. It is all of us working together that has moved America into a position of world leadership. We are in danger of losing all of that because of two unexciting Presidential candidates.

Most Americans do not get involved with how our country is run, other then to vote once every four years. We, as voters, are being channeled into opposing teams on one side or the other of the Trump/Hillary tug of war.

Become educated about the local people from the top down who will be running our country, long after Trump and Hillary are forgotten. Get a copy of the absentee ballot when it first comes out. This will show who the players are. Do some research on them and go to the polls educated. That is what will keep America on track in spite of the poor Presidential choices this time around. Don’t vote, don’t complain.

William E. Scott
Manor Wood Drive, N.
Traverse City

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