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Time to start defending America; point guns outward

To the Editor:

Normally, I would focus on local politics and the issues facing voters in Leelanau County. Not this year. We have much bigger problems facing our nation with decline being a real possibility if Hillary is elected.

Remember when an attack on Americans was met with an angered president’s response of indignation and promised retribution? Instead of measured responses on television and protection of an attacker’s rights, Americans should be promised that everything will be done to punish the perpetrators. Remember when political correctness was a lower priority than the protection of American lives?

America has lost its way. Today, we have politicians speaking politically rather than patriotically so as not to offend Muslims by saying some among them are radicalized.

We are a weakened nation whose laws are routinely ignored by our president. We are so inept as to give citizenship to nearly a thousand people intended for deportation and allow illegal aliens with criminal records to stay in our country, legally. Political correctness aside, this administration is the essence of dumb and dumber. That would be funny were Americans not dying in places like Benghazi and on the streets of America.

Our president routinely ignores our laws. He should be thankful a fed-up citizenry has not done the same. In San Diego, instead of running from the Border Patrol, illegal aliens now go towards them. If they say they are seeking “asylum”, they are then released per instructions from president Obama. Instead of shame on the politicians, it is shame on us for tolerating this behavior.

Instead of a nation united, we are now more divided and filled with intolerance toward one another than ever. Our president has formed us into a circular firing squad. It is time to turn our guns outward and defend America.

Jim Miller
Omena Point Road

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This is awful. What ever

This is awful. What ever happened to sanity?