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We still live in a safe place

We understand should the friendly folks of Leelanau County want to lock their doors following a rare armed robbery that occurred two weeks ago in Empire.

Makes sense, especially given that many homes in the county are located well beyond the sight of neighbors.

Then again, in some cities folks lock their doors because they are afraid of their neighbors. Fact is that locals stay and new people move here precisely because they feel safe enough to leave their doors open.

It’s an individual choice, but one, we suggest, that should not be made based on a single crime.

Since 1877 the Enterprise has chronicled a long list of dastardly and sometimes deadly acts that occurred in the county. There have been drifters with knives and gun-toting robbers on horseback. Leelanau has been a not-so-proud host of a child prostitute ring and, more recently, a double-murder over drugs.

So we’ve had crime, albeit not our share of crime compared to national rates.

Perhaps there is a monumental shift underway that will take Leelanau out of its safety net. If so, the shift must just be starting. Otherwise, the bank robbery in Empire would by now have faded into larger conversations of even worse crimes.

We’re not advocating that folks leave their doors unlocked. We’re just saying Leelanau remains a safe community.

(Don’t forget to thank the Sheriff’s Office and everyone else who worked diligently to solve the robbery.)

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