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League is an extension of Democratic Party

To the Editor:

Barbara Abbott’s letter of 9/23/16, stated, “The LWV is political because they try to help the electorate be as informed as possible on political issues”. But they only choose subjects liberal Democrats find important. Attend a League of Women Voters meeting (LWV) — where are the Republicans? They aren’t there because their views are not sought nor discussed. If the LWV were non partisan, wouldn’t both the Democrat and the Republican parties be welcomed and represented? Wouldn’t membership be 50/50%?

That’s the problem. As chair of the LCRP, I listen to our candidates. During the last election, they expressed not being represented fairly at LWV debates. One of the LWV debate moderators was even replaced because he was found not to be impartial! This had to be pointed out by the public! Unbelievable. Therefore, we decided to have our own forum. Democrat candidates were invited, but only one attended; John O’Neill, who made an embarrassing display.

Earlier this year, our Vice Chair, Gery Zemaitis contacted both Marian Kromkowski, LWVLC President and Betsy Johnson, LCDP Chair, to initiate planning a debate that would be fair to both parties. We asked for 3 things: 1. Provide an open mike for audience questions (without screening or censoring). 2. Restrict questions pertaining only to the duties and office of the County Commissioner. 3. To have unbiased moderators.

Do these items sound unreasonable to you?

Gery and Marian met. After some back and forth letter writing, we were disappointed that NONE of our concerns would be addressed in planning this year’s LWV debate. It seems they don’t care about our concerns. So they are having their debate and we are having ours. We call ours a Republican Forum because we are Republican.

The LWV is just an extension of the Democrat party.

Karan Josephus
Bingham Township

Editor’s note: LCRP and LCDP stand for Leelanau County Democratic and Republican parties.

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Well said and factual!

Well said and factual!