2016-09-29 / Letters

Neighbor who feeds ducks causes many problems

To the Editor:

Although not receiving the same attention as swimmers itch a problem probably as much a nuisance and more of a health hazard on Lake Leelanau is the feeding of waterfowl.

My neighbor on Lakeview Road has persisted over the last seven years in feeding ducks. I have appealed to her the concept of being a good neighbor, the idea seems foreign to her. Since she is a proud graduate of the U of M nursing school, I tried to impress upon her the issue of hygiene to no avail. I also pointed out that TC Parks Dept. has recognized it to be a problem and banned the feeding of all waterfowl on city beaches. Apparently she did not think this meant it was a problem on our lake.

Finally I stated my concerns about my dogs drinking out of the lake and friends and neighbors swimming in an area where a high concentration of duck feces exists. There is also the annoyance of having to clean my dock every time I come to the lake.

To all of this the response has been that “we have always fed the ducks since we were little.” That’s like saying I have always smoked, ignoring the enlightenment that has changed our habits. My hope is that other waterfowl feeders will understand how the rest of us feel and change their habits.

Robert Bosch
South Lakeview Road and
Breeze Hill Drive

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