2016-09-29 / Outdoors

Time to catch — or sightsee — salmon

Now’s the time of year that you don’t need a boat to land a few salmon.

In Leelanau County, salmon are staking out spawning runs in the Crystal River, which is accessed by several county road crossings. Also, salmon may be taken in Shalda Creek in Cleveland Township through tomorrow, Sept. 30. Fishing will still be allowed after Friday in Lake Michigan at the mouth of Shalda Creek.

MDNR fisheries biologist Heather Hettinger said salmon are also filling holes in the Platte River below U.S. 31 in Benzie County.

And whether or not you like to fish, salmon can be entertaining to watch. Tours are provided at the Platte River hatchery after egg taking begins, which Hettinger expects to occur in another week or two.

If you are in Traverse City, consider visiting the MDNR Boardman River weir system, where salmon are harvested. She expects salmon to be harvested today from 8:30 to noon. An interpretor is keeping regular hours at the weir.

Salmon from the Boardman River are harvested and transported to a processing plant near Bear Lake, where a private company is contracted to fillet the healthiest salmon. Those that are already showing signs of decay are sold for dog food. Eggs are sorted for caviar and bait.

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